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Barcelona are considering Luis Suárez’s free departure to Atleti

MADRID – Luis Suárez has approved his departure to Atlético de Madrid despite a debate raging within Barça’s board of directors that he did not want to pass it on to the Madrid team ESPN.

After being unable to get Italian nationality to play the Champions League with Juventus in Turin, Suárez reactivated the option to go to Atlético de Madrid, which he had apparently ruled out weeks ago.

During the morning, the Uruguayan player had reached an agreement with Barcelona to pay him half of the agreed token for the next season, according to RAC1. Everything seemed closed at the time, but everything changed in the afternoon.

Barcelona had urged Suárez not to go to a number of leading teams in Europe, including Atlético de Madrid. Since he was not leaving for Real Madrid, Manchester City, United or PSG at the Barça club, he did not fall to Atlético, which is why the order was given in the afternoon to stop everything.

He knew the agreement between Suárez and Atlético ESPNhas been approved, although not signed, so Luis Suárez’s departure from Barcelona doesn’t seem as clear as it was on the morning.

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