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El Sol Newspaper | Retirees reported that a doctor charged 400 pesos plus

Yesterday, a PAMI subsidiary asked for the presence of El Sol's mobile phone to indicate that a specialist in a specialty participating in social work has demanded the sum of 400 pesos for the collection of medical plus, without any statements or coupons leave. [19659002] According to the information in the ad, although the physician took part in the medical consultation, he was charged $ 400 because it came from another doctor.

"The doctor who treated me referred me to a counseling specialist and accused me of it, it is unfortunate that we have to reach this situation, I am not in good health and that happens. To alternate, there are people like me who have to wait several months, "he said.

When asked if he complained to PAMI, he said he would file his formal complaint this week, and so wanted In the same situation, we ask that every member denounce these irregularities because I am sure that I am not the only one, I do not want to give the name of the specialist because we know want to see if there are more cases, "he explained.

The survey of plus by some medical specialists has become in recent months to become a reason for the use of paying patients, even if they visit consultations with the appropriate sequence. Unfortunately, professionals in this practice do not provide any sort of coupons.

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