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Fernández Noroña calls those who criticize López-Gatell “scavengers”

Deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña (PT) called “Scavenger” to the PAN legislators who have disqualified the actions of the Under Secretary of State for Health Protection and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatelland that they will ask for his release when “our government has done everything” in the care of patients with Covid19.

In today’s pandemic debate, which was the first in the legislature, Fernández Noroña assured that the 2021 election will pay for his current coronavirus strategy.

“You are calling for the resignation of an official who has served the people of Mexico with honesty, loyalty, professionalism and commitment, (Hugo) López-Gatell.”

; He accused PAN members of having an “absolutely unacceptable attitude towards profit”.

While the National Palace reported an increase in the number of deaths to almost 50,000, the MP commented on the platform that the PAN “first said the numbers were not good, now they say they are terrible and multiply them by eight thousand.” Multiply it by what you want. You are there every day. Don’t miss it after a while. At 7:00 a.m. López-Gatell gets in touch with you and you get wrong information, intrigue, denounce, misrepresent, do, celebrate. “.

He added: “Here I saw how they counted a thousand, two thousand, three thousand, 46 thousand. What scavengers they are, how grotesque, how notorious to benefit from the suffering of our people. All our solidarity with those who a relative who has lost a being sought by the pandemic. “

In a debate in which PAN, PRI, MC focused their criticism on the course of official measures in the event of a health emergency, Fernández Noroña added: “Our government has done everything, even though the public health system has been turned to the bone, drowned, privatized, incoherent” .

He accused National Action of campaigning “with the media with which they are allied, breakfasting, lunch and dinner in fear, sowing ignorance, misinformation and now they hypocritically say they are worried about the workers From health “.

In a subsequent intervention, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz (PAN) said to the petist: “No matter how loud it is, it will not protect me.”

PT recognizes the health workers

PT coordinator in the Senate, Geovanna Bañuelos de la Torre, provided a list of measures the federal government has taken to deal with the pandemic, and recognized the staff treating coronavirus patients as a caucus for an “invaluable contribution to home country” .

He said that in the current health emergency, “it is necessary to have adequately trained medical personnel and the resources to restore the health of people with an illness.”

Bañuelos de la Torre joined his group in favor of the opinion “calling on the authorities to care for, protect and encourage the health professionals responsible for caring for all patients who have received Covid-19”. . He found that the various banks support this proposal.


The crisis was not attended in time: MC

For her part, Senator Verónica Delgadillo García (Movimiento Ciudadano) claimed that the health crisis in Mexico was caused by a government that was not preparing for the emergency, even though it took three months to ignore the corona virus.

In the debate on Covid-19, which was held in the personal meeting of the Permanent Commission, Delgadillo García, on behalf of MC President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Under Secretary for Protection and Promotion of the Commission asked “Salud, Hugo López Gatell Ramírez,” “Be honest, please speak the truth and speak ahead of time, because if we don’t tell the truth, it has already cost us many lives, it has already cost us this terrible crisis that we are going through.”

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