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FRENAAA member argues against AMLO (VIDEO)

During the demonstration of the National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAAA), which took place on Avenida Juarez, one of the sympathizers “exploded” against the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who not only told him he hates him but also called him “dog”.

On social networks they distribute a video in which a older woman She furiously urges the manager to leave his post and then plays a drum.

“Go out, Lopez. I hate you with all my heart dog! “Shouted the woman who took part in the AntiAMLO movement.

FRENAAA installs seedling

On Saturday afternoon, members of FRENAAA installed one seedling with dozens of tents on Avenida Juárez, right outside Palace of Fine Artsafter they denounced elements of the police preventing them from reaching the Plaza de la Constitución.

This protest called by the FRENAAA is part of the actions against the government of Lopez Obrador. This organization consists of 67 groupsthat has protested with vehicles in several cities in the country in recent months.

The protest began at the Monument to the Revolution, which is near the Paseo de la Reforma and stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts.

FRENAAA gathered through social networks so that its supporters could march and occupy the Plaza del base for an indefinite period until President López Obrador resigns from his position.

Protesters applaud police officers

An argument was recorded during the sit-in after a man started throwing in a street situation Tents.

To deter him, some demonstrators tried to calm him down, but there were others who beat him, elements of the Citizen Security Secretariat They intervened and removed the man from the scene.

With applause, the members of FRENAAA thanked the uniformed men for their support, reported El Universal.

With information from El Universal

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