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Getting ready! This is what PS5 and Xbox series look like in your home

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The most anticipated moment of the year is yet to come and in November, many gamers will introduce the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. In addition to the excitement and fun that this represents, it has of course also made the community think spatially, as it will be necessary to determine the place where the consoles will be placed in the furniture provided. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have already provided information about their size, but in the case of PS5, they haven’t, and a fan was given the task of displaying large-scale comparison images.

Through a series of posts on his Twitter account, @keisawada featured comparative images of the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in an entertainment cabinet so players can get an idea of ​​the space they need. At the beginning, the fan showed a comparison of the PS5 with the Switch and a screen that shows the size of the Sony console and its appearance compared to the Nintendo console in a vertical position, which, by the way, is outlines as an ideal space saver.

Later, @keisawada included the Xbox Series X in the picture to show the comparison with the PS5 placed in a vertical and horizontal position. In this case, it highlights Microsoft’s excellent design of offering powerful hardware in the smallest possible size, and the wise decision to offer a console that is arranged vertically to make the most of the space.

Finally, it’s time for Xbox Series S, an accessible model of Microsoft’s next-gen line that will hardly be a space issue as its size has been highlighted by the community, so this will be the console that offers more options. find a place. However, the images below show the comparison with the new generation from Sony and Microsoft, which are housed in a closet and accompanied by a switch in the dock and a PS4 Fat model.

What do you think of the size of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft? Do you already have the place where you are going to place them?

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