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Hctor Surez Goms attacks AMLO: “Idio … they invent adjectives”

Mexico City.- The famous comedian and actor, Hctor Surez Goms, for the second time whipped against the President of Mexico, AMLObefore his last speech, in which he affirmed that the country is progressing little by little and that political change is improving “without violence”.

In these times good winds blew … we are facing change without political violence and the opposition has not been able to constitute itself and the reactionaries of other times are morally defeated, “said the Mexican President.

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After that, Surez used his account Twitter I bothered to write that I only spoke to them … they thought there were people who are “morally defeated” and even though I didn’t mention any names, people knew it was Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador acted because he used his words.

In Mexico there are no Fifs, Fachos, Conservatives, Rightists and the “morally defeated”, in Mexico there are intelligent and idiotic people … And idiots invent adjectives like Fifs, Fachos, Conservatives, Rights and the “Morally Conquered” “, he wrote Bullying.

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