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Health orders to restore neurosurgeon Rodolfo Ondarza at the Department of Neurology

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- Dr. med. Rodolfo Ondarza Rovira was released several times and threatened with death due to reporting experiments with hydrocephalus patients National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery "Manuel Velasco Suárez" (INNNMVS).

According to official DG / DA) 0734/2019 of the Ministry of Health (SS), signed by Juan López Anaya, responsible for the Directorate of. Englisch: www.euro.who.int/mediacentre/PR/200…guage=German 22 this Thursday seem to work.

His return is "under the same conditions as he had done up to the dismissal notified and ordered by the then head of the INNNMV's area of ​​responsibility", emphasizes the document.

And he warns that in case he does not appear to work, "the overdue wages calculation he would have received will be completed, which leads to whatever is done in the law. "

In a note published in the 21

09 issue of the Process journal, Ondarza Rovirosa assured in April 2017 that Miguel Ángel Celis was re-appointed at that time The Director of INNNMVS, one of the most prestigious centers of the Landes, was accused by colleagues and patients of having participated in a scheme for medical experiments in which they have been used as "guinea pigs" in recent years.

"The study was affected About 500 people, some of whom died, and others will suffer life-long sequels. So the serious thing is not just the appointment of Celis, but also the fact that the case has not been properly investigated or sanctioned by the country's authorities, "he said on this occasion.

Ondarza filed a complaint after its publication the Directorate-General of the Institute and the Human Resources sub-administration, because he was denied registration of his assistance since 3 April 2017, despite the precautionary measures taken by the human rights defender.

Since October 2006, the doctor denounces the consequences in patients with hydrocephalus who had undergone an illegal experimental operation using a patented device patented by Julio Everardo Sotelo Morales, the dual director of the INNNMVS Human Rights (IACHR) of the Solidarity Network Decade Against Impunity chaired by Bishop Raúl Vera.

He mentioned that 474 patients were recognized by the authorities of the said hospital, among others by Célis López, who participated in a study report of the institution to the Standing Committee of the Senate. And Ondarza is the one who led the complaint at national and international level.

The applicant, along with other physicians, was unfairly dismissed after filing the complaint for crimes against humanity and medical torture before funds of varying breadth were used for a decade.

In 2012, Ondarza was awarded an award for reintegration, and he seized the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery for failure to comply with the verdict and refusal to pay the doctor the lower salary.

Then, in March 2017, the applicant suffered an attempted murder, a lawsuit he filed in the State Department (CI-FAO / AO-1 / UI-3 S / D / 01373 / 03-2017) against Sotelo and Célis as alleged perpetrators ratified.

] Despite being a beneficiary of the federal defense mechanism for human rights defenders and journalists, the specialist continued to be harassed, culminating in another unfair dismissal last November.

Subsequently, the federal procedure for protecting human rights defenders and journalists agreed to send visitors to this hospital to review Ondarza's working conditions, and Célis López was notified, but the neurosurgeon was out of action. The court was brought before the Federal Administrative Court protected and sued, since then he was dismissed by the Internal Control Body of the INNN. He finally won.


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