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In this way, the judge ordered the FGR to determine if it would investigate José Antonio Meade

In three lines, Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna formally ordered the Attorney General ( FGR ) to determine if he will investigate José Antonio Meade Kuribreña for the same omissions that arrest Rosario Robles .

This is because the former of the Ministry of Social Development ( Sedesol ) he left the agency in August 2015 to deliver it to Meade Kuribreña. In his reception report he informed him about the outstanding observations that were to be released from the revisions of the Supreme Examination of the Federation (] ASF ).

In these observations, the former ASF informed Robles about the irregularities that occurred when signing Sedesol agreements with various public bodies. For that reason, the judge considered that José Antonio Meade was also required to comment on or clarify the observations of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Federation.

"Owing to the aforementioned hearing, the Federal Prosecutor's Office was required to investigate An investigation against José Antonio Meade Kuribreña is initiated for the same reasons that were alleged," Rosario Robles said in the resolution to the process that EL UNIVERSAL had access to.

Robles was accused of exercising inappropriate public service because he had learned of the irregularities committed mainly by his ex-officer Major in Sedesol and Sedatu, Emilio Zebadúa, and because he did nothing or Enrique Peña Nieto reported] During the procedural hearing, Robles & # 39; Defense stated that he was constantly communicating these questions to the chief executive at work tours and Gabi meetings, or by means of the so-called "red telephone."

However, they did not provide a formal notice or a written document stating that Robles had informed Enrique Peña Nieto of the irregularities.

This was questioned by Judge Delgadillo Padierna at the hearing.

"If the president of the republic was informed and the written documents were not produced by which it was made, then it will be covered up," agreed the judge in the agreement.

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