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International Left-Handed Day 2020: What Does Science Say?

International Left-Handed Day has been celebrated every August 1
3th since 1976. | Photo: Getty Images.

By the way, that 13 August International Left-Handed Day 2020 is celebrated. That’s why we present some on Unotv.com scientific data on people who use the left hand, examined by the doctor Gustavo Vega-Delgado from Harvard University and published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Why are there left-handed people?

According to Vega-Delgado The dominance of the hemispheres determines when a person uses the right or left hand mostly. Usually If the right brain is dominant, the person is left-handedand if the left hemisphere predominates you are right handed.

  • There are cases of people acting with both hands, which are usually due to the fact that they were forced to use the laterality of the other body through repressive pedagogy from the household, family and school.

The left hemisphere controls induction, deduction, logic in general, and language, all of which create tendencies toward science in people. While the right hemisphere, which is predominant in left-handed people, controls vision, visual memory, shape, space, color, creativity and artistic life.

An investigation by the University of Oxford found this The LRRMT1 gene is responsible for the developmental change in brain asymmetry.

While scientists from the Spanish University of Oviedo demonstrated this high prenatal testosterone levels that are predisposed to left-handed people.

In which genre are there more left-handers?

The Harvard scientist notes this beforehand It was believed that there were more left-handed people than menbecause the female gender was more prone to right hemisphere dominance. However, updated statistics have shown this There are more left-handers than womenwhat could be explained by the studies carried out in Oviedo.

  • The researcher points out that left-handed people are more common among twin brothers.

Other types of left

Usually the brain controls, However, Half of the left is dominated by the left hemisphere.

exist partly left-handed who can hear more dominantly with the right ear, See better with the left eye, dominate with the right hand, and kick better with the left leg.

Also where Patients with dextrocardia are observed, that is, people whose heart is oriented to the right of the chestas well as with the appendix on the left and with the liver on the left.

Are there left-handed people?

Primates are usually right-handed, as are clams The polar bear is left-handed throughoutstates the researcher.

Who was left handed?

In all areas of human development There are left-handed people some of them are:

Actors like the famous Charles Chaplin, the sensual Marilyn Monroe, the unsurpassed Greta Garbo and Robert de Niroas well as the attractiveness, Tom Cruise.

Among the musicians are Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Lady Gaga, Charly García and Jimi Hendrix, The latter was one of the first to propose to the market a guitar whose strings were arranged in the reverse order of right-handed people, whose headstock was upside down, and whose own style set a trend with a strong influence on world pop music.

The tennis player belongs to the left-handers Rafael Nadalwho have favourited Soccer Players Pelé and Diego Armando Maradona and the famous Yankees baseball player, Babe Ruth.

Other great personalities for left-handed people are: Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Aristotle, Marie Curie, Alexander the Great and former American presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Why are we celebrating International Left-Handed Day 2020?

International Left-Handed Day has been celebrated every August 13th since 1976 with the intention of spreading and reducing the difficulties of people who predominantly use the left hand.

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