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Luis Suárez agrees to leave Barcelona and points to Atlético de Madrid

BARCELONA – Barcelona “hold on” to their offer to reach an agreement with Luis Suárez on the amicable end of the remaining contract season of the Uruguayan striker that an agreement should be reached in the next few hours, with positions between the two parties converging.

According to information from RAC1, which Barça did not dispute, this agreement would have already been reached orally, with Suárez foregoing part of that salary that he must receive in order to receive the clearance letter and to negotiate his future immediately. and pointed to Atlético de Madrid as his possible target, a club with which, according to various reports, he would reach an agreement.

“It’s not part of the club’s sporting plans and wages need to be cut,” said the source consulted, admitting the player’s departure at Camp Nou remains unchanged, with no thought about what his fate might be and gave this to pay attention to the contacts between the Uruguayan and the Colchonero club.

Suárez, who had rejected all of the proposals put forward by Barcelona last week, has been lowering his tone in recent days and a definitive agreement was reached whereby the club would pay him half his salary, around $ 8 million, to complete his departure .


Although the Uruguayan soccer player traveled to Italy last Thursday to take an Italian exam that enabled him to play for Calcio without taking any position outside the community, Juventus’ sporting director Favio Paratici closed his signing “because of the required bureaucratic time from obtaining a passport, “which would put the Atlético de Madrid option on the map.

Atlético, who have to cut their squad’s wages mass to make room for Suárez, are carefully negotiating the transfer of Álvaro Morata to Juventus, and while that does not preclude finding a paragraph for Diego Costa, the player with the highest salary on the team, I would be able to take him in.

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