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NFL: Patriots fell to Seahawks with a great game from Russell Wilson

There are nights when melancholy for those unmaterialized dreams serves as the inspiration for the great geniuses who make desolation the ideal means to achieve a miracle.

The first sentence of Seahawks in the once loud CenturyLink field It didn’t have the thundering tune that player number 12 was emitting due to the pandemic, but unlike an environment that could have been heavy due to the absence, it provided the ideal climate for Russell Wilson Increase your talent to a level of superlatives.

Seattle was famous in the 90s for inspiring artists with their silent nights who found inspiration there to make grunge a genre that forever revolutionized music, and that same setting resulted in an anthology match won by the Seahawks by scoreboard of 30-35 against some patriots whose equipment is now led by Cam Newton It still doesn̵

7;t work like this Swiss watch whose synchronization responded to the rhythm of Tom Brady.

Supported by a defense of terror with Jamal Lewis as the new master of ceremonies Wilson He threw for 288 yards, five touchdown passes, distributed to five different receivers, and an interception, his first of the season. The 31-year-old passerby won the personal duel against ‘Super Cam‘who threw 397 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and two other quick touchdowns to become the third player in 70 years to have three career games over 300 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. .

And as with any good epic, the game had to be defined between a series of emotions that pushed the heartbeat to its limits. cam and your Caresses Carried the ball nine seconds ahead of the opponent’s 1-yard line, but this time Bill Belichick did not have the brilliance to choose an unexpected move and ran with it Newton, obvious reading for Pete Carroll and his own, which prevented him from condemning an epic victory that framed an atypical evening in nostalgia Seattle.


Seattle players celebrate TD

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