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PlayStation 5: Company believes this time will have to pass for the console to drop in price

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PlayStation 5 pre-sales began last week, and Sony has already promised that more consoles will be available in the coming days. However, there are gamers who have preferred to wait for the console’s price to drop before moving on to the next generation. If you’re one of them, you should know that an analytics firm has already forecast when the PlayStation 5’s first price drop will occur.

Using different data, the iPrice Group predicts that both PlayStation 5 models will be offered at a reduced price in May 2021. That said, it will be 6 months before the next generation console is offered at a discounted price.

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According to his prediction, it would be possible to find the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for $ 375.99 in May 2021. On the other hand, he believes the standard version of the console will be priced at $ 469.99. When you consider that the PlayStation 5 models retail for $ 399 and $ 499, that translates to a savings of up to $ 30.

Players who wait 1 year may find more interesting promotions. The research firm expects the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition to be available for $ 345.99 and the regular edition for $ 432.99 by November 2021. That is, up to $ 70 cheaper than when it was launched.

So the price of the PS5 would change
So the price of the PS5 would change

It is important to note that these price cuts relate to potential offers in different stores and not a permanent price cut from Sony. If you’re looking for the latter, the research firm assumes you’ll have to wait up to two years after it’s published.

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How do you predict the possible price drop for the PlayStation 5?

Note that iPrice doesn’t simply predict this information. The research group used a method to reach their conclusions. So it is not a game of chance that was made purely by chance.

But what was your methodology like? As he explains, they analyzed the PlayStation 4 Pro’s price development over its nearly four-year history. This is done by collecting and comparing the sales price from more than 150 online shops.

In doing so, they found that the price of Sony consoles on the market has decreased by an average of up to 6% in the first 6 months. Also that the price drops by up to 8% in the first year after the launch.

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Before you finish, it is important that you keep in mind that it is a mere prediction and nothing is confirmed. As a result, it can take a lot longer for the PlayStation 5 to be offered at a discount or even less. We will inform you about possible discounts in the #LevelUpfertas.

And what did you think of this information? Do you think he has a reason Tell us in the comments.

The PlayStation 5 will arrive in Mexico and other countries on November 12th. You can learn more about this next generation console by clicking here.

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