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Rayados win Atlético de San Luis before the Classic Regio

Monterrey returned to the path of victory Royal classic against the tiger. The team at Antonio Mohamed He was successful from his visit to Saint Louiswhere he defeated the Sporty 1-2. After three games without a win, that’s Striped In the end, they won, which earned them 17 points, while the San Luisinos remained in penultimate place at 10 overall.

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The game didn̵

7;t have much to offer emotionally as the Regios lured the locals into their field and were pushed to victory due to their grim campaign. In a backlash, it would appear so Monterrey knows no other way Ake Loba opened the scoreboard.

He Sporty He went to attack with more energy, repeatedly sending crosses, and in one of them the ball got to him Mauro Quiroga who ended up with a heel as a last resort to bind the score (31 ‘).

When the first part dies Maxi Meza, Steering wheel from StripedHe finally showed up and in the few he had, he shot the area great to overtake his team.

In the second part Monterrey gave up the initiative completely, and then the headquarters were driven out Cesar Montesso the team backed away even further at the last minute Pablo Lopez he finished up close, however Hugo Gonzalez made a great save that ended the chances of the Saint Louis that already adds up to seven losses in the tournament.

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