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Real Madrid aren’t ruling out stepping up their attack with Cavani. Juventus wants it too

MADRID – Real Madrid are looking into the possibility of signing Edinson Cavani, although Turin-based Juventus are currently leading the way because of his signing. Various sources were disclosed to ESPN.

The Uruguayan international is free after signing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and has been tested by several greats in Europe.

Cavani, 33, welcomes Juve’s option because his children live in Naples and it could make him closer to them.

As ESPN learned, Cavani-Juventus negotiations began weeks ago, even before the Italian side ruled out Luis Suarez̵

7;s option.

The Italian team are looking for a nine to replace Gonzalo Higuaín and are also looking into Álvaro Morata’s option, according to ESPN.

Other sources confirm to ESPN that Madrid are also looking into signing, but that option is further away as the whites would first have to make money with other attackers such as Luka Jovic, Borja Mayoral or Mariano.

Madrid initially didn’t appreciate adding to the squad due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, but multiple sources have told ESPN that they are considering the option to sign Cavani after the white squad once again left more evidence of their team’s problems with the goal in the 0-0 win against Real Sociedad last Sunday.

Zinedine Zidane made it clear against Real that he wasn’t counting too much on his strikers when he decided in the second half to include two young local players like Marvin and Sergio Arribas ahead of Jovic or Mayoral.

There are no complaints about Benzema’s great year, scoring 27 goals, but remember that the team’s second top scorer was a defender like Sergio Ramos, who scored 13 goals.

Madrid managed to win La Liga despite the missing goal, but some players interpret that they need a little more to compete in Europe. For this reason, the white club, which always pays attention to an atypical and complicated transfer market, has been thinking about Cavani for days, but they know that Juventus is ahead.

For the Uruguayan, his experience, his ease of adaptation and his very different profile than what Zidane currently has in the squad speak for himself. In contrast, the situation of the post-COVID-19 market has changed Real Madrid’s economic planning.

Cavani was also valued by MLS as he had the opportunity to go free for any team. The LA Galaxy lifted his signature even though ESPN learned that the possibility was ruled out over the weekend.

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