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Second AstraZeneca volunteer has an “unexplained” neurological condition

A second volunteer from the project AstraZeneca vaccine against him Coronavirus presents a “unexplained” neurological diseaseHowever, the pharmacist assures that there is not enough evidence that it is a substance.

According to the US media, it is a woman who developed the disease. The first case was also a woman.

AstraZeneca He told The New York Times that he had not yet been diagnosed with this second case, but sources familiar with the situation said it was transverse myelitis, the same disease as the first volunteer has developed.

In the first case, the volunteer received a dose of the vaccine before developing an inflammation of the spinal cord known as transverse myelitis, which causes weakness in the arms, legs, and problems in the bowel and bladder.

A spokeswoman for the drug company told The Times that the volunteer was diagnosed with a previous, undiagnosed case of multiple sclerosis unrelated to the vaccine, and the trial was resumed shortly afterwards.

In the second case, the volunteer fell ill after receiving the second dose of vaccine.

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However, AstraZeneca stated that after an independent review, it was found that both diseases are unlikely to be linked to the vaccine, or at least that there is insufficient information to link them. Therefore, further studies were recommended.

But some experts have their doubts. “If there are two cases, it looks like a dangerous pattern,” Mark Slifka, vaccine expert at Oregon Health and Science University, told the Times. “If there is a third case of neurological disease in the group that is testing the vaccine, the project may be the end.”

The study, carried out by AstraZeneca in partnership with Oxford University, followed a “possibly unexplained disease” outbreak in one of the participants.

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Testing resumed days later in the UK, Brazil and South Africa, but not the US. The British laboratory did not provide an explanation.

Developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, the vaccine is one of the most advanced Western projects that has been tested with tens of thousands of volunteers in the UK, Brazil, South Africa and, as of August 31, the US. called phase 3 of the studies, ie the last one in which its safety and effectiveness are checked.

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