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SEP school calendar 2020-2021 cycle: see classes, holidays and bridges

He School calendar of the 2020-2021

cycle was presented this afternoon by the Minister for Public Education (SEP), Stephen Moctezuma Barragan;; He explained when classes will start in online mode and when there will be vacations and public holidays (long and short bridges). Next we will give you all the details at Unotv.com.

Start of the lesson School calendar for the 2020-20 cycle21

Before representatives of the media, the head of SEP announced these important dates for students and teachers ahead of the start of classes for the 2020-2021 school year next August 24th in online mode and in which 190 working days are planned.


This is the data that you need to consider beforehand back to class::

  • registration: from August 16 to 21
  • Teacher training: from August 10th to 14th
  • Technical school council: August 17th to 21st

“The entire school calendar leads us to 190 effective study and work days, which is a very solid calendar, because on these days it was planned that girls and boys would work …”

The official was added.

The days off

Over, Moctezuma Barragan He set the days off, 10 of which are planned. The corresponding ones for 2020 are:

  • Monday August 24th
  • Wednesday September 16: Independence Day (runs until Friday September 11)
  • Monday, November 2nd: Day of the Dead.
  • Monday November 16: Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (it is the 20th but it has traveled)
  • Friday December 25th: Christmas

Holidays for the year 2021

  • Friday, January 1: New Year
  • Monday, February 1: 1917 announcement of the United States’ political constitution (it’s February 5, but it is covered)
  • Monday, March 15th: birth of Benito Juárez (it’s March 21st, but it is visited)
  • Wednesday 5th May: Battle of Puebla
  • Friday July 9th

IMPORTANT: That way there will be 5 short bridges, The vacationthat come together with a weekend; and 3 long bridges this school year.

End of school year 2020-2021

He School cycle 2020-2021 ends on Friday, July 9th 2021, and the summer vacation begins.

Winter break

The vacationthe officer said they would start it 19. December 2020 and the return to school will be on January 10th 2021.

Easter holidays

The Sema vacationna Santa are planned from March 27 to April 12, 2021.

The school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year presented by the SEP. Photo: SEP

And the private schools?

The head of the Legal and Transparency Department of SEP, Enrique Quirozassures that private schools must continue to exist the same calendar, he said::

“They must follow the same educational regulations that have been issued by the authorities on this matter at both federal and local levels, and they do when they are subject to school calendars throughout the state.”

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