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Sergio Mayer accused of "improper handling of the budget"

After the appearance of the Minister of Culture Alejandra Frausto in the Chamber of Deputies, President of the Culture Committee Sergio Mayer ] of the "manipulation of the sector budget".

At the meeting, the deputy Inés Huerta accused the president of the Culture Committee "Moches of 30 Hundred" of each approved project, so that Sergio Mayer summoned him to provide the evidence in this regard

He was also of the opinion that the format that followed in the official's appearance was "to beat them", to which Mayer replied, if not He agreed to present an initiative or withdraw.

During the Occurrence Alejandra Frausto said that the Angel of Independence, after having suffered a protest last Friday, is being restored and rescued a feminist, although he clarified that the monument was the responsibility of Mexico City is located.

Frausto Guerrero stated that the National Institutes of Fine Arts (INBA) and Anthropological ogie and History (INAH) have a working table with the Mexican Ministry of Culture to participate in the comprehensive recovery plan for El Ángel and the entire Paseo de la Reforma.

"We have INAH and INBA The current insurance and we support in what corresponds," he explained, but the monument is visited by Mexico City. They are with the Capital Authority and the Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM ) work together on the recovery plan.

Upon their appearance, the official acknowledged that there is an under-exercise of 50 per person One-hundred percent of the budget, especially for reconstruction, because the guidelines were published "a little later".

However, the projects for which the resources will be provided will be dictated and the Secretariat of Treasury and Public Credit will have the opportunity to issue them on time.

He pointed out that two years after the earthquake of 201

7, 926 cultural assets were recovered from a total of two thousand 340 that were affected, and that the cultural sector has a budget of 80 million pesos.

This funding will be provided for 307 projects, of which 280 are reconstruction and 27 training projects, and the communities are being prepared to preserve the cultural heritage they have

Outside the Legislative District, workers demanded more budget To ensure the care and maintenance of monuments and archaeological sites, to cease and restore layoffs The government said that today a budget of 12 billion pesos and a budget of 700 million pesos had been spent. You have saved administrative work and go to essential activities about.

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