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The best smartphone of the year?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei is closing the year with the introduction of a smartphone that, believe or not, is better than the well-known Huawei P20 Pro. Why is it better? Review this report we prepare for you.

In the third quarter of 2018, a year in which Huawei was completed from the start, the Chinese manufacturer is launching its Mate 20 series, which consists of a "standard" version and another Pro version (there are also a version "20") X ", but nothing confirmed for its availability in Mexico.) With this device, Samsung will most likely surpass the # 1 worldwide sales.

  Michael Simon / IDG News Service

Links the standard version: Mate 20. Right Mate 20 Pro Michael Simon / IDG News Service

But before that the Mate 20 should of course be innovative, of quality and above all have a general balance in all its functions – that is, not " We've tested the Mate 20 Pro extensively, and as you can imagine, the team has shown a perfect performance, but let's be honest: you can not help it expect a team of more than $ 20,000, which currently offers the best technology. However, this smartphone adds some tricks that have given us some surprises that go beyond superior performance, very fast camera, and high quality workmanship .

Mate 20 Pro is a complete razor A Swiss full of tools useful as a work tool or as a camera to capture incredible photos for your social networks. That and a little more.

In a nutshell: [196909011] Pros : impeccable performance, wireless charging that can be shared with other computers, cameras with interesting features that will delight the family's enthusiasts photography, very good hardware for displaying HD -Multimedia, high-performance 4200mAh battery, improved ultrafast charging, IP68 certification; to name just the most important.

Disadvantages : The fingerprint reader is fast, but falls slightly behind conventional digital readers. The main speaker shares space with the USB-C input. When you connect the cable, the sound loses performance and quality.

Verdict : Mate 20 Pro is the ultimate solution for lovers of top smartphones. Thanks to its very competent hardware and exclusive capabilities has a much lower price than any other premium smartphone of any other brand .

] For a price of $ 22,000 and more power and more technology than Samsung or others, the Mate 20 Pro makes a bargain. This can be the final touch of the team: it offers the best technology at a balanced price. That's why we give her the title Best Buy .

And for its exclusive technologies, outstanding performance and exceptional cameras, we also give you the title Editor's Choice . In other words, the Mate 20 Pro is the best smartphone of the year for PC World Mexico.


It features a large 6.4-inch display that covers almost 88% of the front of the phone. This is because the bevels on both the top and bottom of the screen are very thin and almost stick to the frame of the phone.

The screen is bent on the sides. This is almost exclusively available on premium smartphones.

Of course, the Mate 20 Pro has a big notch, maybe more than we would like. The reason why the notch is mediocre is due to the 3D FaceID sensor, which makes facial recognition much more precise. The notch is of considerable size, but within the acceptable standard.

It does not go unnoticed that the computer does not have a visible fingerprint reader. It is located in a certain area below the screen. Later we will talk about it in detail.

The back is made of glass, which corresponds to the current trend. It emphasizes the range of cameras framed by the flash, forming a pretty aesthetic square. Huawei relied on headlights of the Porsche 918 Spyder to design the camera position of the Mate 20 line .

The back of the phone looks great when the cameras are arranged in this square shape. It's an ingenious way to get rid of the ugly series of three or more cameras with some smartphones.

In the upper frame there is a second microphone and the infrared sensor, which serve as a remote control.

In the lower part of the USB-type-C input was placed, which is surprisingly also the main audio output. The main microphone was on the left and the compartment for SIM chips on the right. This is another detail since this tray is mostly located in the left or right frame.

It does not have a standard audio input. While it is true that Huawei includes a USB Type-C adapter, it is always somewhat limiting to rely on this adapter, which is easy to lose due to its small size. Unfortunately, the lack of audio jacks is a trend of many current flagships.

The aspect ratio of the Mate 20 Pro is 19: 5: 9, making it very thin and tall. Fact that it is very handy for middle hands. We believe that this format is most convenient for phones over 6 inches.

The device weighs 190 grams, an intermediate amount within the flagship. Although it is not the lightest in its category, it is much less than others with more than 200gr. Cof … cof .. Note 9 …

In a few words

The design of the Mate 20 Pro is exactly what you can expect from a smartphone in this price range. The design is elaborate, luxurious and of excellent quality.

The curved screen on the sides is very well made.

Emphasizes Huawei's commitment to unusual colors in smartphones like emerald green. We loved it because it looks different, luxurious and very elegant. And in the case of the black color, the classic is always in fashion.

We always bet that smartphones have their own design and characteristics, so we know what brand the device is at a glance. Maybe the front side is missing a bit of "personality" to be recognizable at first glance. But the back has worked quite well, thanks to their camera setting to achieve an iconic look.


The Mate 20 Pro has hardware that will delight you with high-quality video. It has a resolution of 2K + with 3,120 x 1,440. This will allow you to enjoy high-quality graphics, including viewing videos on YouTube at more than 1080 resolution.

It also has 538 pixels per inch (dpi), so we can see very clear text. And if all that were not enough, the screen is OLED technology, which gives us bright colors. All in all, whether web pages, electronic books, video games, movies, etc. the visualization will be superior.

In the field of sound we have two speakers. The first is in the score and will also serve as a voice call spokesman. It is noticeable that despite the small horn is very powerful.

But it's not the only audio output the phone has. The main speaker curiously shares the room with the USB-C input, d. H. The main sound of the unit is output from it. We must confess that this seems quite unusual to us.

Huawei said at the start of the device that it had the horn placed there for aesthetic reasons. However, there are no problems with adding a "traditional" speaker on the Mate 20 Pro.

You're probably wondering what happens if you connect the USB cable while listening to music. In our tests, we noticed that when the cable was plugged in and the horn was plugged in, there was a small but notorious loss in sound quality and performance. To be honest, it's very little, we say less than 10% of the sound capabilities of the Mate 20 Pro. It's not meant to be serious either, but we insisted that nothing would happen if this change were not made to the main speaker.

In addition, a Dolby Atmos equalizer is provided that enhances any sound coming out of the computer, regardless of what a video, music or video game is. The equalizer has a smart mode, a movie mode and a music mode.

We can not omit the fact that the sound of Mate 20 Pro with two powerful speakers is stereo because the team is worthy of the redundancy and has two audio outputs.

In a few words:

The screen of the Mate 20 Pro is the best of the moment and ideal for demanding users. This ad gives you the ability to watch the videos properly at 1080. You can also open videos at 1440 resolution on YouTube, if available.

All this, without mentioning that the images displayed by this smartphone will have very bright and very sharp colors.

At first glance, it is questionable that there are no inputs for hearing aids and that the main speaker is blocked each time the USB-C cable is connected. The good news, though, is that the sound is powerful and clear even when the cable is connected. Mate 20 Pro has one of the best sounds we've heard on a smartphone. even superior to the LG G7, which emanates so much from an extraordinary sound.

Other additional functions

The Huawei Flagship comes with a number of additional tools that are not available on all high-end smartphones. Of course, many have not attracted any attention and we are sure that they will be very useful to the vast majority of users.

IP68 Certification

The Mate 20 Pro has this certification, which allows you to dive the phone down to a meter deep by half hour The device is also dust resistant.

But the million dollar question. What exactly can I do with this certification?

The team behaved pretty well after we sunk it. Of course, the team has suffered no damage. If it goes under the circumstances that the protection class IP68 permits, the device will be saved in safety.

The photographic part contains an option to take pictures in the mode. Of course, you can take pictures underwater, but the same phone will tell you that it is strongly recommended to place a case so that the phone can take larger pictures.

This is confirmed because Huawei's official brand Water Bag allows them to take shots of up to five meters underwater and for a maximum of one hour without compromising the equipment's capabilities.

In other words, the team will resist this terrible accident if it falls into the water If you would like this camera to become a real underwater camera even in the sea (salt water is much more aggressive on IP68 phones), you should buy a case.

A great addition to the Deciding on the Mate 20 Pro as an underwater camera is that, by default, there is already a mode for taking pictures under water.

Nano SIM card and Memory Cards NM Cards

As mentioned earlier, the SIM and memory card tray is in the lower frame. The team uses the smallest Nano-SIM cards to date. At first glance, there seems to be no room for a memory card. And that's half true.

The device is not compatible with traditional microSD storage, but with a new standard that Huawei wants to implement. This is the Nano-SD, also known as NM Cards. According to the same company, it has a data transfer speed of up to 90 MB / s, which is supported by class 3 UHS-I cards in conventional micro SD cards.

The size of this Nano-SD corresponds to the Nano-SIM. Currently, this new storage standard proposed by the Chinese manufacturer is only available in the Mate 20 and 20 version.

The interesting thing about this new standard for internal memory is that we get an excellent data transfer rate, ideal for the high data load that the camera records. Another positive aspect is that the team has one of the best internal storage technologies ever developed.

Improved Fast Charge (Unequaled) and Excellent Battery Life

The Mate 20 Pro has significantly improved the fast charge speed of the battery. It is needless to say that we have repeatedly said that HUAWEI SuperCharge is the fastest on the market for the teams that started this year. Imagine that you have noticeably improved this speed.

Huawei increased the voltage of the battery charge to 40W (just to set the scales, Qualcomm is developing a load technology of barely 32W which we will see until 2019 The 40W voltage would allow up to 70% of the device to be charged in half an hour, which in our tests was close enough that the manufacturer promises.

But not just a total charge a 4200 mAh battery in less than an hour, and most of all we like that we can increase the battery by 20 to 25 percent in emergencies when we connect it for only ten minutes – and that's just great We assure you that it will save your life on many occasions.

When it comes to battery life, we are talking about 4200 mAh, one of the highest supported quantities so far, personally I'm too demanding in terms of battery life. Good part of the day I use apps that need to be connected to the internet.

For example, starting at 6:30 am, I start retrieving emails, later making live press conferences and replying in social networks. I use geolocation apps. while listening to Bluetooth headsets. At this high workload came the Mate 10 (yes, the previous generation with 4000 mAh.) At the end of the day with 5% battery. With the Mate 20 Pro, however, I had little more than 20% autonomy with the same usage and time-lapse. Do everything without a single charge.

This is definitely too rough a usage that not all users run. So another example. On weekends when activities are much calmer, with a 100% battery on Saturday mornings, the load is steady until Monday.

On average The unit's 42000 mAh battery gives you a full day (and even a bit more) autonomy when I'm like a power user. On average, the device could work quietly for 18 hours without having to recharge it.

Wireless (and reversible) charging

19659008] It has a wireless power of 15 W, which in our tests for filling the equipment from 0% to 100% in a little more was needed as an hour and forty minutes. In addition, the team has the very interesting function of sharing charge with other devices that are charged wirelessly.

Just put a Galaxy or an iPhone on the Mate 20 Pro, and you get a small fee. There is no limit to how much energy is supplied to another device. So do not forget that this charge is done to keep your Mate 20 from becoming empty.

If you're powering another device, charging is naturally slower than a dedicated wireless charger could provide. We did not think that charging to other devices is slower. Finally, the device is designed to deliver only a small charge in an emergency. And not as a running battery for other devices and to fully charge.

Fingerprint Reader on the Screen and

Another distinguishing feature of the Mate 20 Pro is that it is one of the few computers that currently has a fingerprint reader under the touchscreen. The reader is only usual under the display and current.

It must be recognized that the Mate 20 Pro is the first device with such a sensor is massive to Mexico.

You must know that there are some things to this technology. The first is that to unlock the team, you must place your finger on a specific area of ​​the screen, not at any point. If you only lift the Mate 20 Pro, an area will appear on the screen where you need to place your finger.

And the second aspect is that this sensor is slightly slower under the screen than the conventional sensor. The latter down to the smallest rose scans the fingerprint and opens the equipment almost instantly.

With the Mate 20 Pro you only have to leave your finger under one finger Secondly, to read it correctly. When you place your finger and read the fingerprint, an aesthetic animation appears imitating that you are putting your finger on water and a wave is expanding.

It did not seem to matter at all that the fingerprint reader is a bit slower. We tell you this because it is obvious that you will notice this slight delay. In fact, the team is unlocked very quickly.

Now that we've covered biometric safety, it's worth mentioning that Mate 20 Pro has Face ID 3D technology that creates a 3D image of your face. In our tests, the device is unlocked very accurately and quickly. Even faster than the face recognition standard that has been tested on many other high-end and premium devices launched this year.

In the second part of this essay we will address the photographic part and the team effort. We will upload it for you soon. Stay tuned.

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