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The Firefox version is prepared so you will not get caught

Are you worried about your privacy? Well, you're in luck, because Librefox can be the browser that best suits your needs. This version of Firefox is a browser of Browser which is essentially a copy of Firefox, but is included with improvements in terms of privacy and security by default , 19659002] Librefox disables all Firefox data collection.

So this version is not a fork but uses Firefox to add or change elements. The browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and has the advantage that it can be run in portable version without installation or we can opt for a conventional installation as well. There is also a version for Tor on Linux and Windows.

  librefox firefos privacy

The development team created multiple browser versions with Stable, Extended Support, and Beta. At the level of appearance, the browser is identical to the original Firefox, but in the part not seen with the naked eye are the most interesting changes.

The first is the computer "removed the original Firefox components that do not respect privacy" such as the browser updater, the report collector, if an error or a hang occurs, and removed other built-in add-ons. Basically, removes any kind of unwanted connection with Mozilla, so there is no unauthorized connection, either with Mozilla or Google, nor are telemetry data collected.

The extensions are successively validated by their creators, who check the code by hand.

Instead of the normal add-ons, LibreFox has validated the users other add-ons than themselves and checked the code individually. These "official" extensions add useful features, such as a dark theme an HTTP watcher, and a reload button . Other extensions from third-party vendors will also be reviewed, such as: B. uBlock Origin, Cookie Master, First Party Isolation (Toggle), User Agent Platform Spoofers and Browser Plugs Privacy Firefox.

In the future, you can use other extensions, such as so that the user can restrict that the extension can connect to the Internet without the user's desire.

This browser is a great option for users who recently wanted to install (or even do) a more secure version of Firefox without having to manually change user.js. The Key to Sustainability of this project is that its developers are updating Librefox, while Mozilla is launching the new versions [Firefox] for users. At the moment they are committed to it.

You can download Librefox from the project's official website on GitHub.

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