When the iPods 's white headphones became a cultural phenomenon that saw thousands of people go through dozens of cities, the AirPods revolutionize the world of sound with wireless devices work well and become one of Apple's best-selling and best-known products.

It is therefore by no means strange that other brands want to stand in close competition with the sale of the company as its alternatives to the popular Apple headphones. Xiaomi pretends to be one of these companies.

The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless are white, wireless, and come in a box, also white, to be recharged. Do you know it? They follow the same formula as the AirPods have a Bluetooth 4.2 connection, a USB-C port for charging and a range of three hours.

The My True Wireless are waterproof with an index IPX4 and silicone pads to reduce external noise. They arrived in Spain last June, with an official price of 80 euros, but recently they have fallen in price and can now be purchased for 69 euros from Amazon.