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They discover that Street Fighter II has always cheated players

Street Fighter II is the archetype of the video game of fighting, for though there are options on the market, such as Mortal Kombat King of Fighters and Tekken the The truth is that all these games are based on principles that established and perfected Capcom in his famous title.

The popularity of Street Fighter II made it all The corners of the world in which Arcadia existed became endless ranks of people who were ready to finish the game or accept the challenge and under This dynamic has always been shared among users: The machine was absurdly hard to beat ]

It's a paradigm that gamers grew up with no questions, but now the people behind the YouTube desk decided Dissect and uncover what Street Fighter II did. so hard to play against the machine

The analysis video is divided into chapters. The first is called "Godmode" and it is shown that opponents controlled by artificial intelligence were simply and simply invincible because they were hit where they were there was no defense or during a period of vulnerability, the game has never recorded the impact or damage.

The second chapter is called "Dizziness" and it is shown that if the machine receives blows and remains disoriented, the dizziness lasts only 1/5 second .

The third one is called "Laden" and emphasizes that certain special movements need to be loaded while the keys are kept pressed down or back for a few seconds to run, a log containing the machine never respected because she performs this type of attacks one after another and without load.

The Room of the Flame "Buttons" and notes how the keys should be repeatedly pressed to hold the handle longer and cause more damage. " Botonazos " faster than any human being what precipitates in grips that subtract up to 95% of the lifespan.

But enough words, well you want to check all this out and explain it once and for all Why you could not beat the machine in Street Fighter II just play the video from down here and angry again:

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