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They filter the weakest point of Luis Miguel’s personality

Luis Miguel, the famous singer and producer of Puerto Rican origin, is undoubtedly one of the most important artists in the world.

The current ex-partner of actress Aracely Armbula is always gallant and undoubtedly with a very important and distinctive attitude.

However, TV presenter and announcer Yordi Rosado recalled that during an interview with Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, the singer’s real name, he noticed an important detail of the personality.

What did Yord say?

On the day we recorded Luis Miguel, something very funny happened to us: we were at Versace and I was at the booth and every 20 minutes he saw a journalist from all over the world, “commented Yordi.

“I stayed in the booth and saw what was recorded between entering and leaving the booth. The bastard, the hair, the shirt were very much in that pose. And the moment he left and there was no journalist, immediately I saw him super insecure. Is your hair okay? What did I say? It̵

7;s not an exaggeration, “Rosado continued.

“Actually, I noticed that he was very, very nervous and when another journalist tried to come in he was: Let me know a minute before they come in. When the person came, he immediately sat down and got into his chest “Yord finished.

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