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Tricks and tips to win games

Does Supercell sound that way? Surely you've played titles like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale . Recently they released a new game, Brawl Stars and it has a similar success as the previous ones, which have already remained in the history of the most successful titles of iOS and Android . However, if you have already started to play Brawl Stars and you are a little lost, we have for you a series of tricks, tips and strategies that can help you To win games.

If we want wins games in Brawl Stars we must know the basic strategy which is in each game type of this game with rules and rules to consider one other mechanics, and what are the best brawlers for each scenario.

Gem Grab

In the Game Mode Gem Grab, The Greatest Gimmick you should keep in mind that the main role is that of the Gem Carrier . This covers half of the playing card, while the other two players have to dedicate themselves to the control of both sides. To win Gem Grab the gameplay of Brawl Stars the best we can do is to take advantage of Bo, Shelly, Poco, Jessie, Penny and Pam as a gemstone bearer.


This gameplay by Brawl Stars will cause us to destroy the enemy's safe or at least overcome the damage in their area. The strategy for Contests must be based on each player focusing on a particular area of ​​the map. The best brawlers we can use for this are Barley and Dynamike as essential and are supported by El Primo, Bull and Darryl . The first two will let us shoot behind the walls, and the other three will help us curb the assault of our opponents.

Brawl Ball

This game mode of Brawl Stars mix survival and card control, therefore, the key lies in a conflict strategy . If we survive the attack, we can endanger the health of the characters, and therefore the risk of losing the game is greater. The brawler that can most help us is El Primo . As already mentioned, it fulfills the functions of the tank which contributes to the containment of the enemy attack. Besides, it has a really strong attack.


In Bounty another game mode of Brawl Stars we must focus on survival . . Again, it is a key strategy to take on a defensive stance of the team and rely on the "most powerful" thugs for this game mode, namely Bo, Penny, Brock and Piper (19459003). We need a good attack, yes, but in this game mode, if we want to win Brawl Stars Games it's important that we have a strong defense.


The first moments of the game will be essential in this game mode of Brawl Stars ; For this we can use Bull, Shelly and El Primo . They'll be the best brawlers we can pick for this type of game, and the strategy we have to pursue is from a distance when the power-ups break the boxes on the card. On the other hand, we can help with the cover of shrubs, which will help us live longer.

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