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Violence in the stadiums of San Luis and Monterrey

Again, the aggression was present in football stadiums, this time in Alfonso Lastras of San Luis and in BBVA d e the city Monterrey.

In San Luis the fans of Santos Laguna were attacked by a handful of red and white fans. The events occurred when the local police tried to put the visiting staff on the buses, which some fans exploited to physically assault them and even throw stones at them.

So far, they are reported as being injured, Red Cross intervened for their attention.

In the northern Sultana there were fans who were not entirely satisfied with the triumph of Rayados over Puebla ] and triggered their disappointment with blows.

In the immediate vicinity of the BBVA Stadium there was a brawl among Albanian fans, recorded and shared on social networks. Even in the pictures, there are women who provoke other followers with blows and insults, allegedly on the basis of found opinions.

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