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Yuriria Sierra – And yes, Rosario "N"

fourteenth August 2019

"N", although we continue to call him Rosario Robles . He has already spent his first night in prison. It dawned today in Santa Martha Acatitla Prison. This will be so for the next 59 days, unless your defense objects to the justified preventive detention that was imposed very early this Tuesday. The Rosario begins its criminal case, in which it also stains Enrique Peña Nieto and José Antonio Meade ; In this area, however, the Prosecutor General's Office will find the first stone: "Whoever accuses, must prove. They will have to prove that Mrs. Robles did not inform the President or that Mrs. painstakingly avoided, circumvented and disclosed circumstances known to them . .. ", Xavier Olea Part of the defense team of Robles told me in an interview at Imagen Televisión . It is not the first time that the name of the former president has been reported in a criminal case. The file of Emilio "N" the former director of Pemex, has also addressed it. However, it is the first time that the former Minister of Finance has had a say in this investigation, especially if after so many months the publication of the Scam Master has not led to a single test of the management of The former presidential candidate, even though the Federation's Supreme Audit Office came to a conclusion, it was noted during the presidential campaign. I also acknowledged Meade in an interview in the "part time" of the electoral process: "I was Minister of Social Development (…) There were observations that had to do with my management, none of phantom companies; that the ASP is examining points to responsibilities, the authorities get visibility and we help with all investigation processes … "he finished in March 201


What will have to be checked because this was indicated The investigation of Scam Master of the criminal monument documented by Animal Politico and Mexicanos Unidos Contra el Corrupción e Impunidad, had several times a not unknown address: Yes Well, the defense of Robles has me confirms that the file to which they had access does not contain a reference to Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong The government is working on this resource triangulation scheme b involved, with which millionaire contracts were diverted. The last, which was documented by this newspaper for more than 825 million pesos a few days ago, and in which two universities, a state television company and several ghost companies based in the state of Hidalgo were involved: "On the documentation It is observed that the ASF in the period 2014-2016 began to discover this modus operandi which resulted in 2016 and 2017 criminal charges were filed, as reported exclusively at the time ] Excelsior the political influence of then Interior Minister Osorio Chong in Hidalgo, who ruled from 2005 to 2011, was indisputable, not only because he ended his government with an important political strength, but for his position as interior minister and his influence on the then governor , Francisco Olvera … "as read on these pages.

A new complaint against Robles as reported by the Financial Intelligence Unit, must be solid and point out the various directions that follow the detour as the FGR has already run for two months to defend its cause. Otherwise, the defense of Robles is accused: an improper indictment of the state. Another proof of justice in this administration.


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