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Miami Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves, game summary | August 23, 2018

Things seemed to be calm between the Marlins and Braves on Thursday night for just over five innings.

Then a fastball of Miami helper Javy Guerra drifted up and in, beating Ronald Acuna, Jr. on the inside of

But just eight days after Marlins pitcher Jose Urena Acuna jr. hit with a 97-mph fastball that led to a confrontation between the two teams, there was no such incident on Thursday night's Atlanta 5-0 win over Miami.

Urena took strike practice before the game as he completed the third game of a six-game ban following the incident on August 1

5 in Atlanta.

Acuna, Jr. let go of his bat and slammed his helmet on the ground just after Guerras 93.9-mph fastball, who came on a 0-2 count, made contact. After a quick glance from Braves & # 39; s team coach and Atlanta manager Brian Snitker with the umpires standing around him, Acuna took his base.

"At the moment, I was just a little upset because I had obviously been hit before the previous [Marlins] series and I was met again tonight," said Acuna, Jr. "But you know what, those are just Parts of the game and those things stay on the field. "

In the lower half of the innings, the Braves hit a Marlins batter when Sean newcomb Brian Anderson hit a 93.8 mph fastball on the left arm with two outs and a runner on the base. Anderson routinely pulled off his shinguard and gloves and trotted up the first baseline.

As he did, referee Conroy issued a warning to both shelters.

Anderson was hit on his foot by a turn ball hit Jesse Biddle in the ninth inning. Anderson resumed his base although he was seen talking to catcher Tyler Flowers before his turn came.

"It's part of the game," said Miguel Rojas. "I do not think there was an intention today, we're trying to get Acuna out and it's unfortunate that he's hit in dangerous areas near the hands of Pitches, which is never a good place to hit by a pitch We do not try to beat the child, we do not try to get anyone hurt and I think they do not want us to get hurt, that's not good for the game and that's not good for us as an organization "

Anderson did not speak to the media after the game, but Marlin's manager Don Mattingly said the matter was over for him and the club

" There's no doubt that Javy was just trying to get a ball in get him and get him out, "Mattingly said. "It's what it is, there's nothing intentional, it's over."

Guerra echoed his manager's testimony.

"It's getting a lot of attention and I'm aware of it, but everyone knows at 0-2 that it's not trying to hurt the child," said Guerra. I tried to get up, the ball went in and sometimes it happens, it's part of it, I think you know.

"It's old school. The game will monitor itself. I think it's over. We crushed it. We continue. Both teams just keep going.

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Snitker saw it the same way and understood Acuna's reaction.

"Oh yes, that's for sure," said Snitker. "I would be angry, too. It hurts. He did exactly what he should do – go first.

With continued tensions, the Braves continued to dominate the 2018 series with the Marlins.

The Braves continued to smash his Marlins jugs throughout the season with three home runs, one of which came from Acuna Jr. when he hit the wall He dented behind the stands in the left field after busting a 432-foot solo homer in third inning-off starter Elieser Hernandez

Charlie Culberson shot a two-run homer against Hernandez in the second inning and Ender Inciarte's one-shot in the fifth Jarlin Garcia gave the Braves 29 home rounds against the Marlins this season – their strongest against any opponent. "That's what bothers me right now, not the punch of the pitches, but the thing that "We are not playing well against this team," said Rojas. "They are in the forefront of the division and we are trying to make progress to one day be at the head of the division and we must be able to be to beat these guys. They are young and will have this team for a long time, so we have to find a way to defeat them and play better against them. "

Garcia was hit on the right lower leg by a liner back up in the middle by Nick Markakis later than Inning. Garcia underwent x-rays that came back negative, but Mattingly said after the game that he was" a bit

"I'm in pain, but I'm just grateful that the X-rays showed there was nothing broken," Garcia said.

Acuna Jr. continued to terrorize Marlin's "pitching."

His seven homers this year against the Marlins are four more than he has beaten against another opponent, his 18 RBI are 14 more runs than any other opponent.

Hernandez made a starting place for the Marlins (51-78), who lost the Braves (72-55) for the seventh consecutive season and dropped to 3-12 this season against Atlanta.

After the game, Hernandez said he was through a bubble would be was disturbed during his outing, which he said he has continually treated with time.

"I've gotten used to dealing with it," Hernandez said through his interpreter.

Hernandez, who was lying in a field, told Mattigly that he said before the game that he would probably only throw the neighborhood of 60 playing fields.

Hernandez threw 64, took three innings, during which he gave up three runs on three hits with two lanes and two strikeouts.

Newcomb wore a no-hitter into the fifth inning before giving a double to Austin Dean, then invited the bases for a walk to Starlin Castro. Dean was formed to end the threat.

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