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Michaela Dunn, 24, was identified as the victim of a killing spree in Sydney

The man who went wild rampage this week in Sydney, Australia, killed a woman during his rampage – 24-year-old escort Michaela Dunn, according to a new report.

Mert Ney, 20, allegedly 9 news reports that Dunn was stabbed on Tuesday afternoon in an apartment in Sydney's central business district.

  Michaela Dunn
Michaela Dunn AFP / Getty Images

Initial reports indicated only that Ney had wounded another woman, 41 At a knife blow at a nearby hotel, officials were on patrol were later made aware of the apartment where, according to the report, they found Dunn's body.

Dunn was declared dead on the scene, saying the authorities still have to be officially identified, [the victim] is probably Michaela Dunn from Sydney's Inner West, "local police said in a statement received from the point of sale. "While their family appreciates community support, they have asked for their privacy at this difficult time."

Dunn was a former student at Rosebank College and the University of Notre Dame, according to the report. She was also an avid traveler whose Facebook page shows hanging around with her friends and with her cat.

Dunn's mother told 9 News that her daughter was a "beautiful, loving woman who studied at the university and traveled extensively."

Ney's alleged 41-year-old victim is listed in St. Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition, according to the authorities.

According to reports, he has also injured a number of others.

Wild Incident Footage taken by a 7NEWS Reporter shows the armed and bloody suspect on a black Mercedes.

A man on a wooden chair can be seen in the material that confronts the crazy man.

The suspect finally jumps out of the car and yells, "Shoot me. I want to die.

A group of people manages to subdue the suspect with a milk crate and several chairs before the police arrive.

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