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Michelle Obama makes a surprise visit to New York City girls' lunch

NEW YORK – Thirty New York City girls were in for a lunchtime surprise on Saturday. Michelle Obama Stunned them with a visit to the Lower Eastside Girls Club in Manhattan, slipping into a room with a chorus of squealing delight.

Sam Kass the former executive director of the Let's Move! campaign that Obama championed when her husband was president. It's aimed at reducing childhood obesity through a healthier lifestyle.

After lunch, Obama talked about urban farming and cooking. The lunch included produce from their rooftop garden.

The other star of the day was farro, an ancient grain with twice the protein and fiber of modern wheat.

"If I could spend every second of my day, it would be like this," she told the students.

Obama told the girls they could ask any question they'd like, which was one of them wanted to know why she's not run for president.

"I do not want to be president," Obama replied. "My path has never been politics; I just happened to marry somebody whose passion was politics."

Each student received Obama's autobiography, "Becoming," which has sold 2 million copies so far.

The Lower Eastside Girls Club offers workshops on digital and audio arts as well as mentoring on activism and leadership.

On Saturday evening, the girls would see Obama again at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, the 1

9,000-seat arena where her appearance as "an intimate conversation" with poet Elizabeth Alexander as part of the former first lady's national book tour .

Barclays evening's interest in the sold-out 19 for a discussion moderated by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Ten percent of priced at $ 129 to $ 500 – are going to New York community groups.

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