A Michigan man is one of the first Americans to use a new robotic hand to help him use his left arm more precisely than he has for almost two years.

Kevin Breen, 45, lost his limbs due to infection with a rare form of strep throat one and a half years ago reported WMMT-TV (Channel 3). Since then he has been trying to find an arm for his prosthesis that works for him.

He had not found anyone who was good enough to try the Taska hand. Taska is a New Zealand company that has developed an advanced prosthetic hand.

Taska uses an app on the Breen smartphone and many sensors in his hand to program various hand gestures or "handles" to WMMT.

The handles allow the prosthesis to act like a human hand by performing various actions at different levels of strength.

Among the 16 grip patterns Breen shows, shows and holds a key.

Taska's Hand Prosthesis is also Water Resistant


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Breen of Alto, Michigan, became ill in December 2016, according to Channel 3. Unbearable stomach pains sent him to the hospital where doctors diagnosed the infection

"I got a septic shock, and you had to put on pushbuttons that would restrict all blood flow, so I lost my hands and feet," Breen told Channel 3. " It looked like frostbite on all four limbs. "

He lost both his legs below the knee, as well as his entire left hand and part of his right hand, after channel 3.

Breen has since undergone several surgeries, prosthetic adjustments and hours of physiotherapy behind him. He made his first steps on leg prostheses in June.

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