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Mickey Callaway can not take a break as Mets spirals

ATLANTA – Seth Lugo puts both hands on his head, the universal sign for, you can even believe that just happened? Because I can not believe that's what happened, and people in SunTrust Park began to bark and howl and cheer and sing.

And if you made an audio snapshot of Mickey Callaway's brain at the moment it became official that the Mets would lose this Memorial Day Mess 4-3, that probably sounded like this:


At the moment, the manager of Mets Mush is from "A Bronx Tale," who could not find a winning horse in a one-horse race. He's Bernie Lootz, William H. Macy's character in "The Cooler," but in Lootz's case, he was paid to be a cooler, paid to rob hare's feet and film four-leaf clover, and otherwise all kinds of luck to neutralize. [1

96592002] Right now, Mickey Callaway can not go out of his way.

Everything he touches turns into zinc.

"We just lost it," Callaway said.

The Mets got another Cy Young-level effort from Jacob deGrom, and she wastes it, and all that happened before Callaway (again) doubled and drew a two (again). Somehow the Mets are 5-6 in DeGrom's takeoffs, despite the fact that his ERA has actually gone up a couple ticks (to 1.52) after seven brilliant innings and one run and eight strikeouts. Somehow they are 2-5 in their last seven games, even though they are pitching at .45 ERA. So that's not a good start.

But lately, every move Callaway makes is the wrong one. That does not mean they were stupid or badly planned; they always only go sideways.

This time, they decided to ask Seth Lugo to throw two innings. According to Callaway, he would either throw two in the opener (when deGrom became seven), or he would start and throw the first two innings of the night stool (when DeGrom got jammed and he had to mix earlier). 19659002] Is that a little unconventional, considering that the Mets scored in Jeury's Familia a goal that saved 51 games two years ago? Could be. But after a weekend in Milwaukee, in which Callaway stubbornly watched Jerry Blevins with the relief of Robert Gsellman – and was hit by left-handers – a feeling had emerged that Callaway might be less of a pushbutton, a color. (19659002) And that was not an absurd choice: Lugo entered the game as the bullpen's skirt, which was not considered in his previous 17 innings. And while that streak ended swiftly after a colorful, single, and a sacrificial flight had secured to open the eighth and extinguishing the 2-1 lead deGrom, Lugo was handed a Mulligan when Devin Mesoraco hit a go-ahead home run

That's when Callaway's plan became obvious, because Lugo was in the inning circle as the inning progressed, then he turned around with the bat and the ground of the Mets remained silent. Well, you see, there are many Mets fans who have been screaming for years, that there's no hard way to give your eight-inning type a chance at the ninth, voices that get higher and higher when Familia gets one

So Lugo stayed and promptly went to the chief officer who met Johan Camargo. He retired Dansby Swanson with a fly. Charlie Culberson, who had not played homerun since 2016 and …

And he made a home run. Game over. There were dark clouds all Monday in Atlanta and it was little wonder they had this game at all. They do not all hover over the boss of the Mets-Manager. It just seems to be that way.

"Things just do not work that way," he said. "We'll get it out someday."

The 11-1 start is such a distant memory that it seems impossible that Choo Choo Coleman was not part of it. The good mood that surrounded this team in April was ransacked in May, which can not end soon enough for the Mets.

"As things go," Callaway said, "I feel really good that we're 25 -25."

That's a lonely prospect now, but it's the only one he has. An 11-1 record was 14-24, and every trick he has in his sleeve sets his handcuffs on fire instead. Things have become very bad for the Mets & Mush.

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