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Microsoft announces new Halo game play style prior to release

Microsoft has announced a brand new trial program for the Halo series. The "Halo Inside" program, as it is called, is described by Microsoft as a "new way" for fans to work with developer 343 Industries to enhance new versions by testing them before launching.

You can sign up now, but now. Note that you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You will then be asked to participate in a survey with a series of questions about your history and interest in the Halo franchise, including specific titles and modes. Later in the survey, you'll be asked to provide details that may lead you to what 343 "flighting" programs call forthcoming Halo titles. These are pre-release test periods where 343 provides access to a portion of the community to gather feedback and data before they are publicly available to all.

This new halo insider program will replace the MCC insider program 343 to test Halo: The numerous updates from the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One. The Halo Insider Program will be the parent program to support all Halo titles, products and services. "Even if you've already been a member of the MCC Insider program, you'll need to sign up for Halo's Insider Program again.

You can improve your flight choices by making sure that the information in your Halo Insider program In particular, for PC you need to submit a DXDIAG upload and a SteamID.

"We know that everyone is very eager and excited to get started, but please be patient. If you tweet on the team and post on the forums, if you'd like to be invited or want to know why you are not there, it will not help. "343 said.

Even if you opt for the Halo Insider program, you may not be selected for each flight, for example, 343 future PC versions of Halo would like to test against certain hardware configurations. so that not everyone may be needed. [1 9459013]

"Especially for MCC on the PC, the team has to make sure they have a wide array of PC hardware configurations," said 343. [19659002] Anyone getting on a flight wants to make sure they can attend because they might not invite you back.

"Often, flights require a critical mass of players to be specific Time are online. and maybe in a certain region so that your position and availability could also come into play. Once flight operations are completed, the team will likely also focus on active participants who are candidates for the current flight and provide feedback, while players who actually do not attend may not be included in subsequent releases. [19659002] For more information about the Halo Insider Program, please refer to this detailed FAQ.

The upcoming release of Halo: MCC on PC will be in stages, with each track being individually released It is likely that 343 will test each game first with Halo Insider members before each title is made available to all, and Microsoft has already confirmed that Halo Infinite will be playable early while flying, so the Halo Insider program seems to be back also come for this game.

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