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Microsoft announces the Xbox Series X game event for July 23

Microsoft will hold its Xbox Series X game event on July 23 at 9:00 p.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET. The company plans to show games made by its Xbox Game Studios, including Halo Infinite. 343 industries teased briefly Halo Infinite a few weeks ago in a trailer that revealed that the exiled antagonists are returning for the next major episode in the U.S. gloriole Franchise.

There will be more than just that gloriolealthough. Microsoft has continuously acquired game studios and the company now has a total of 15 Xbox Game Studios. Xbox fans are now hoping to see what these studios are working on for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft recently created one fable Wildcard Twitter account that makes fans wonder if the game could return during the Xbox event in July. Microsoft has also recently expanded its fable Trademarks for USB chargers, portable speakers, headphones and more.

Given Microsoft released a Hellblade 2 It is reasonable to assume that when we release Xbox Series X last year, we will learn more from Ninja Theory about this upcoming title. Psychonauts 2 is due in 2020 from Microsoft’s Double Fine Studio, and there will be some pointers on how Forza and Gears of war will adapt to the more powerful Xbox Series X hardware.

Rare also revealed his new one Everwild Game in November, and maybe we will take a closer look at that during the Microsoft event. And as always, Xbox fans are still hoping for surprises like a new one Perfect dark or Banjo Kazooie Game.

Microsoft has already promised that some of the company’s Xbox Game Studios teams will release new gameplay, Xbox Series X-optimized games, and even brand new game announcements.

stay tuned The edge On July 23, you’ll get the latest information on Xbox Series X games and more.

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