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Microsoft is trying to fight fake messages with its mobile edge browser

Microsoft has warned Edge Mobile browser users about untrusted news sites. The software giant has teamed up with NewsGuard to provide alerts in its Edge browser for iOS and Android. This feature has been added as an optional setting this week. Founded by journalists Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard assesses websites based on a range of criteria, including the use of misleading headlines, repeating false content, and ownership and funding transparency.

Microsoft first offered an optional range of NewsGuard browser extensions for Edge on the desktop version of Windows 10 last year, but the move to integrate them directly into the mobile version suggests that the company may become one in the future Core component of Edge makes. The Guardian reports that Edge Mobile is now warning users that the site of Daily Mail Mail Online does not meet the basic standards of accuracy and accountability.

Although Edge Mobile is not widely used, the move by Microsoft is still important. Experts have warned that we are moving towards an "informational apocalypse" with AI-generated counterfeits and false news. A significant shortage of digital education can make people easily susceptible to fake news and viral counterfeiting. As technology and AI become even smarter, it becomes harder to discover a fake. Several companies are already trying to combat fake images with browser plug-ins, and NewsGuard is trying to solve the fake news problem.

One of the biggest hurdles is getting people to install an add-on like NewsGuard, and Microsoft has removed that barrier with Edge Mobile by plugging it directly into this system. It's unusual that technology companies struggle to take on misinformation campaigns. NewsGuard also steps in to take responsibility for his ratings, and co-founder Steve Brill tells The Guardian that people can blame NewsGuard. "You can blame us. And we are glad that we are being charged, "says Brill. "Unlike the platforms, we are happy to be responsible."

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