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Migrant children moved back to the Texas Border Facility

The claim of Customs and Border Protection that children are well cared for contradicted what lawyers in some of the best law schools in the country said they learned from children. During a court visit to the facility earlier this month, some children indicated that they had been unable to take a shower for almost a month and were so hungry that it had been hard for them to sleep through the night.

[[19659003] Read about the conditions under which migrant children were held at Clint.

"Personally, I do not believe these allegations," said the Customs and Border Guard official, who spoke about the condition that he could not be identified to reporters.

] The lawyers' accounts sparked a significant public backlash, which saw all but 30 of the 300 or so children living in Clint moved to another location. Some 249 were sent to a home network for children of the Department of Refugee Settlement of the Ministry of Health and Human Services, while others were transferred to a customs and border protection camp in El Paso.

The CBP officials said these movements had alleviated overcrowding in Clint and enabled the return of more than 100 children there. The spokesman said no additional resources had been made available to the returned children.

After the lawyers' reports on Clint were released, volunteers from around the country began to mobilize, hoping to deliver supplies such as diapers and soap and food to the facility. Those who arrived there were not allowed to enter and their donations were not accepted according to local media reports.

During a call with reporters on Tuesday, the Customs and Border Guard official said the agency was reviewing its guidelines for accepting outside donations, but the official also denied the idea that stocks were running low.

"We are exploring the possibility of using some of these donations for the future, but it is important to mention that these items are now available," said the official.

Federal officials previously had offices of Representative Terry Canales, one Democrats from Texas, who had requested a list of needed supplies, said that the agency, according to Curtis Smith, head of Canales, could not accept any outside donations.

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