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Mike Francesa returns to WFAN on Tuesday to launch a new app

Mike Francesa is aware that there will be some "hurt feelings" when he returns to WFAN on Tuesday, but he said his main focus is on the task ahead.

"My job is to go there No. 1," he said in a lengthy interview on Friday shortly after Entercom, owned by WFAN, announced it would come out of the air after 4½ months.

"It's my job to go there and do what I am." I'll always try to get my program to No. 1. The other things that come with it when I need to take a leadership role "I never was afraid to take that."

So He meant to meet with colleagues to clear the air, probably with Chris Carlin, a former "Mike and the Mad Dog" producer, whose relationship with Francesa was tense, and Carlin's colleagues Bart Scott and Maggie Gray.

These three are expected to go to 1

3-15 pm weekdays from today 2 to 6:30 pm to make room for Francesa from 3 to 6:30 pm

Francesa said that he has already been requested by the management "but he would follow his lead in navigating a situation that Carlin calls" embarrassing. "

"If they ask me to meet someone, I will meet them," said Francesa. "If they ask me not to meet them, I will not meet them, I will do what they ask of me, I take their cue."

Francesa insisted that his return is more than just a radio program; It's part of a larger project built around a new app developed in collaboration with CAA Sports and Entercom.

But he admitted that he was eager to rejoin his old audience.

"The chance to come back in front of the fans for a few hours a day is a pleasure for me because I missed them," he said. "I've missed you a ton, I've failed to not perform."

"After all that has happened, I can not wait to step in front of my audience, who I like to sit in front of, and I can Barely expect to rejoin me. "

While Carlin, Gray and Scott are resisting shooting back at Francesa or the station, Francesa Flak has taken from various directions, including from the morning co-host Boomer Esiason, who has promised his return"

Francesa spent more than a year publicly preparing for his departure on December 15, supplemented by special events and honors, many of whom have criticized and / or mocked him for having swiftly switched. [19659003] "I'm not worried about that," he said, "Listen, let other people worry about it. I do not have time to worry about that. I'm glad. I live my life like this: At the time it was all real. Every piece of it was real.

"If you had said to me in January that I would go back to FAN, I would never have believed it … If you said to me in February that I would go back to FAN, I would never have believed that maybe three weeks ago I still did not believe that I was still going back. "

But Francesa said he had talked to Entercom CEO David Field since December about acquiring the rights to" Mike and the Mad Dog " Archive and name for use in his app.

Francesa said he was ready to make a deal with Entercom for these rights and then go elsewhere for a new daytime platform, but Field had urged him to return in the last few months Form to WFAN

"I have made it clear to everyone on the Entercom side and on the FAN side that if someone in management or any person had a problem with me, I would like to go to another station in New York go, "he said.

"But here's what would happen: there would be a third sports station in the afternoon, that would happen, they did not want any of it."

Francesa did not want to tell which station he was referring to. WOR has the rights to Mets games, but it has a powerful afternoon range of political speeches.

In the end, Francesa said it made good business sense for Entercom to bring him back. Carlin, Gray and Scott lost in the ratings race to ESPN New York's "The Michael Kay Show" among men 25-54 from January to March.

"None of you [reporters] ever discuss business," he said. "You guys never connect with anything you do, you talk about it," That guy said that guy does not want that. "You know, that's a business, it's all business.

" Why do you think the owner wants me there? Because it is better for his company. Are you better on the day I show up there at 3 o'clock? You are much better. We all know that. One would have to be stupid to claim otherwise. "

Francesa's newly launched show will be called" Mike's On ", as well as the app that will be released in late summer, the plan is to have a video stream of the radio show on the app, which will also include archived material

The app will be streaming a new version of Francesa's old Sunday morning NFL show, which initially could not run on the radio, could find a TV home Francesa also wants to develop new sports talk voices through the app.

His partnership with CAA Sports and Entercom is also expected to include live events.

Francesa said the radio show will be "multi-page", presumably both (19659003) "What will the collapse be?"

"I will He said that he would not give the schedule, sorry, "he said. He said he would not nearly take as much free time as in the past this summer.

Francesa, whose new contract would run until 2020, would not to talk about his salary, except to say that he is paid "extremely well" and paid at the "same level" in the past. "

But he found that his show will be two hours shorter than in the past, probably an indication that his salary per hour is similar, but less than for 5 ½ hours of work.

" The idea That they would not pay me well, does not make any sense to me, "he said.

On Tuesday, Francesa told Newsday that he planned to return to WFAN, crying as a reason:

"This is for those who started this campaign in the last few days. I decided not to return to WFAN until I was told that I better not go back. For those who stood behind it, the moment I returned. "

On Friday, he said he was responding to anonymous quotes in news broadcasts where WFAN staff members said," It would be terrible for the station and nobody wanted me back. That basically hoped that I would say that I did not need that and go away.

He added, "The only reason I even went public was that stories were written and there were nasty comments in the stories. Well, unless the comments that were FAN sources and FAN hosts made nasty comments, unless they were fabricated comments, they were pretty nasty comments on how nobody wanted me back, which is nonsense.

"If you're a host Are you happy I'm coming back? Probably not because it looks like I need to come back to save the season, which I'm not trying to do here Park flings, they probably would not try to bring me back now. "

He added," Someone said I was not welcome, there he would not stay I was back, was my point. "

These stories appeared on Monday, though. Was not Francesa's return to WFAN already in full swing? When Francesa became aware of the timing, he became impatient.

"I had not quite decided, but my point was that they would not keep me away," he said. "It was written to try to keep me away and say," Do not come here; you are not wanted. "But you make way too much of it."

"The owner of the company wanted me to come to FAN in the worst possible way; Management wanted me to come back the worst way. These are facts. "

Francesa pushed back against a report that WFAN's Vice President of Programming, Mark Chernoff, was against his return." If Mark Chernoff did not want me at FAN, I would not enter the building, always, "said he thought, "You think I'm going to a place where the program director did not want me? Not in a thousand years. If anyone had done anything but push me out – and you can point out that I'm going back – I would never have gone back.

Francesa added, "What was written is absolute fiction. , , The idea that anyone in management did not want me to be at FAN is so obviously ridiculous that it's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. They have done everything to bring me back to FAN. That's a fact.

Francesa said the app had been the driving force behind his plans for WFAN from the outset, and it had been decided that a conventional radio outlet would be the best "conduit" for the app. [19659003] He said When Entercom himself suggested WFAN, he said, "This is getting ticklish. They said, "It can be done." We started to continue. It was first introduced perhaps six weeks ago.

"We started figuring out if this would work, we knew there would be hurt feelings, we talked about it, they told me nobody was going to lose a job, nobody was losing money, we knew it would be a reentry We understood that, we knew that there would be criticism.

"But there are two reasons why it was FAN. One, my loyalty to the station, which is very strong for me. I do not care if anyone believes it or not. I could not care less. It's strong for me. I was there for 30 years. This is my team.

"Number two, they had stuff I wanted, I wanted it a lot, and for 10 years I've been trying to get the library" Mike and the Mad Dog "and the name" Mike and the Mad Dog ". I wanted it to be part of the app, now it is, now it will be, I now have the name "Mike and the Mad Dog" under my control, which I've been wanting for a long time. "

Using WFAN as the "conduit" made the transaction smoother, he said. 19659003] "It meant going home, which I like on many levels, when I get in front of the audience, it's going to be great, I love that part, the other part, obviously, there are some things that are worked and tarred on must not, no question. "

Since news of Francesa's return was broken on Tuesday, he has landed on the back pages of Newsday and the Daily News" I have massive access to the digital platforms of local media even against the NFL draft "

"I've gotten used to getting a lot of attention, I mean, I just have it," he said. "Was it extreme this week? Yes, I was surprised that there was so much anger and negativity about me that from one point of view, I can not ask for a society that does not try to improve itself.

" Would not you, if you have a baseball? Team or you had a lineup? Would not you do anything to improve the line-up every day? Is not that your job? I think that's what they're trying to do.

Francesa was annoyed at reported quotes that indicated he had gone back to work so as not to spend too much time with his wife and three children.

"I've heard people make extremely stupid and ridiculous Comments like, "Oh, he figured out how hard it is to be home," he said. I have the best family in the world I love being at home I could stay home everyday I like what I do But I always wanted to come back and do something I like it I really have that passion to build this app. "

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