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Mike Francesa's Fury on WFAN: "The App of Mike's On Goes Nowhere"

Mike Francesa paused after tearing Odell Beckham to rip me apart.

The WFAN host released a story from this reporter during his show on Monday that featured comments on his "Mike's On" app interpreted as a suggestion that the app could be discontinued.

You can read this story here. But here are Francesa's full comments on the story and its app, transcribed after using the playback feature of the app in question, as this reporter is a paid subscriber to the named app:

"Today I've talked about some of them the things that were going on, including this whole MSG thing with & # 39; FAN, and over there I've been talking about some of the things that have been going on since my return.

"Well "I mentioned in there that I did not agree to a deal because there were some contractual issues between Entercom, myself and CAA regarding our relationship with & # 39; FAN and the app. [NJ.com] My boys here tell me, wrote a headline that said [Could Mike Francesa̵

7;s WFAN app be on the chopping block?]

"OK, here we go, so this is a guy who does not understand it from the start Name is James Kratch, that's his name, [NJ.com] I give him some advertising, he's so dense that he has no idea what he's talking about.

"OK, what? I said it may be that I came back to build the app that is my project, and it works with WFAN, and maybe I was wrong. Maybe they can not work, maybe there is a conflict, so we could not make a deal. So his headline is, "Could Mike Francesa's WFAN app be on the Hack Block?"

"There is no WFAN app at first It's Mike Francesas App It's" Mike's On "WFAN has nothing to do with it Zero Nothing to do with it Zero: Entercom is negotiating a piece of the app, they do not own it yet, because we're still negotiating, they want to buy a piece, they do not own it at the moment, it's CAA and me.

"It is not a WFAN app. It has nothing to do with WFAN. It's mikeson.com, it belongs to Mike's On LLC. It has nothing to do with WFAN. So James is completely lost from this point of view.

"Well, let me tell you, OK, my thing was that James Dolan gets nuclear on the station, even after Entercom decides to apologize to the moderator who attacked him and what they did and they rattled through their PR people and went to & # 39; FAN, which I thought was a bad decision regarding Jim and MSG.

"On that point I have some comments about my return to the & # 39; FAN. The app, James Kratch, leads nowhere. And everyone else out there, the app is not going anywhere. You were wrong about the app from the beginning. You do not understand the concept. You are too ignorant to know about it. The app will be here for a long time. The "Mike & # 39; s On" app is nowhere to go. It works well. It's getting zero, nowhere. It is growing and we are fully committed to it.

"And if something works, it will not be the" Mike's On "app, so understand it, underline it, put a punctuation mark, and own it." Mike & # 39; s On "app is nowhere to go anywhere, and" FAN has nothing to do with it. And that could essentially be the conflict. Because using this show to promote the app could be something that does not work as well as I had hoped. That's all. But the app is not going anywhere. Because you were wrong with the app from the beginning.

"You do not understand what I understand People, it's hard for you to understand something new You do not understand the mechanism of it, you do not understand how it works, and you understand nothing that is not given to you in black and white, how it works or where it came from or what else, because you do not understand what is going on except by simply turning on the radio and listening.

"Well, there's a whole world out there, and it's changing dramatically, and there are relationships that are changing dramatically, and the app is doing very well, it's very profitable in its first year And you can check that with CAA if you want. " Come on. Just call her and ask her. They will tell you the same thing. They are very proud of that and should be, because they have done a great job.

"I will be at CAA as long as I work professionally, you can bring this to the bank, they are great people, they love to work with them, they have some wonderful people in the app They've done a great job, their technical staff has done a great job, everyone has stood up in front of my boys, who have done a great job, and the people I've chosen to create and work on have done a great job Everyone has a lot of time and effort and it's incredibly well done CAA is excited, we're excited about it, there's nowhere to go.

"The other part? We'll see what happens. Now, see if you can understand it now. Now that I've got you there, I've left the crumbs for you, let's see if you can put the pieces together without messing up. "


So … could he leave WFAN again?

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