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Miley Cyrus is ashamed of Mom for posting Instagram content on vacation

Miley Cyrus seems to enjoy her holiday in Utah with lots of fun in the sun, but we only know that because she keeps her fans up-to-date throughout the trip on Instagram.

So much so that Miley's mother Tish even called her to "serve content" instead of enjoying a picture of the sunset. The singer shared her mother's comment that said what she was doing was "disgusting" next to a picture of Miley leaning over her phone and her face lit by the display.

If this is not the millennium tip stereotyping, then there is not such a thing. And yet Miley – who definitely falls into this generational category – has it completely. For one, she is the one who unironically even shared this with her Instagram, though she banished it to her stories where it would disappear in due course.

Or if eagle eye fans and reporters (guilty) have not captured the picture and have not put it on the internet for everyone.

 miley-cyrus_190926a_instagram Instagram [19659002] "It's hard to get in trouble if you're an adult, but she said I look like a 'bratty millennial' ; "Miley wrote on the grainy image and quickly admitted," What I'm doing. "

But then, in As a real Millennial fashion, she quickly defended her choice. "But is it bad if I like the picture and want to post it?" She asked. For the last two days, Miley liked and wanted to post on her Instagram a dozen times, with several posts containing more than one picture.

We saw her in the desert, on the rocks, in a gorge, overlooking a beautiful river valley, on the water and a cheeky pool in tight bikini bottoms. She even shared at least one sunset with her dog Bean.

She certainly has a good time and due to the amount of shared pictures she definitely does not miss all these experiences.

But she apparently at least missed some of them as she takes the time to share all these beauties with her nearly 100 million followers. But she is not the only one who is not always "at the moment". After all, someone has to take all these pictures because they are definitely not selfies. Even so, it's great to see Miley and her mother along with sister Brandi [19459004zusehen] enjoy their time out.

We would say out of the limelight, but Miley makes sure that the spotlight of the social media fandom is aimed directly at her.

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