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Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Perform Ride Review – Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Note: IGN has been reviewing for more than a decade, but to the best of our knowledge, we have not reviewed a theme park ride yet. Think of this as an experiment for us as well as you, with the proviso that there are no comparable reviews yet, and that your own experience will undoubtedly be influenced by what you like most about theme park rides. We therefore recommend that you visit the park and experience it yourself if you can! According to the Disney press materials, the official title of the ride is Smuggler's Run without an apostrophe, and yes, it also bothers us grammar nerds.

This review has been updated (30.05.) And includes more details about the pictures of the ride as well as a quote from a manufacturer about using Epic's Unreal Game Engine. To learn more about the new Star Wars country, take a look at all the familiar characters and creatures and the best Easter eggs we've found at Galaxy's Edge.

Master Yoda could insist that "size does not matter", but apparently The Imagineers, who are responsible for Galaxy's Edge, became the impressive one at Disneyland on May 31

st and Disney World on August 29th , 14-acre Star Wars Land opens detail of the Millennium Falcon, lovingly recreated to scale (sorry, "docked for repairs") amidst the Black Spire Outpost – a bustling hive full of scum and villains on the planet Outer Rim in Batuu. If you go to the "fastest piece of garbage in the galaxy," you'll probably be a bit more impressed than Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they first saw you … and maybe more inclined to take a selfie than they were.

But it's the interior that matters – since the Smugglers Run is the only ride that is fully operational at the opening of Galaxy's Edge (the country's second attraction, Rise of the Resistance, will not do that) debut later this year), expectations are already in hyperspace, and unfortunately Smugglers Run does not quite do them justice – though this is likely to be expected given the hype surrounding the expansion.

Getting into the ride is as impressive as replicating the Falcon itself – you meander through Ohnaka Transport Solutions, a sprawling hangar used by the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, to whom Star Wars fans in the animated series The Remember can clone , The events of the journey take place after The Last Jedi, and according to Margaret Kerrison, editor for Imagineering Story, Hondo " conducts some sort of [legitimate] legitimate business smuggling and running this company … and He needs crew to smuggle some goods for him, so he borrowed the hawks from Chewbacca, Chewbacca needs some supplies for the resistance, so they work together to achieve a win-win situation, but Ohnaka always wants a bit a bit more than Chewbacca. "

After crossing the hangar (which is mostly air-conditioned inside and with a spectacular view over the hawk), you will meet Hondo in person. in the form of an impressive audio-animated creation that could almost be considered a real actor. It gives you an overview of your mission to obtain the hyperfuel known as coaxium from Han Solo's Homeworld Corellia, and you get a breathtaking view of the Hawk landing in the docking bay on the screen behind Hondo as you get ready to board just as impressive graphics as in the movies.

You get a color-coded character that identifies your role in the crew: pilot, shooter or engineer and then It's time to board the Falcon, which has been carefully recreated, from the Dejarik holo chess board to the combat remote control and to the helmet Luke used to train in the original Star Wars movie under Obi-Wan's guidance, hiding in a corner. This is where Smugglers Run is really outstanding – you really have the feeling of going to the movies, and in the waiting room there are a few other interactive Easter eggs that visitors can use to ride a horse before signing up for their mission. [19659005] Learn About Galaxy's Edge on the Taste of Blue Milk:

Smuggler's Run is more like a more interactive version of Star Tours and other motion simulators – six drivers are loaded into the cockpit of the Falcon and all the action takes place on a screen in front of you, with lots of hits and punches to recreate the thrill of the galactic missile strike. Like the Star Tours ship, the Falcon is likely to get their share of bumps and bruises along the way, but the main difference is that you're the pilot not C-3PO or Captain Rex (he is now) We're laying in Ogas Cantina, directly across from Ohnaka Transport Solutions. As mentioned above, guests are assigned one of three roles – there are two pilots (one who controls the ship up and down and one that controls their movements from left to right), two gunners who take over the defense, and two Engineers who work on repairs where the Falcon is inevitably damaged by the lousy pilot flying.

The renderings on the ride are also somewhat comparable to Star Tours, but the next analogue is probably The Void and ILMxLAB's Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire VR experience, which does not try the kind of photo-realistic CGI that's in the Movies, but immerses guests into a fully computer-generated environment more in line with the expectations of games such as Battlefront 2. If your gunner fires with enemy ships and has the experience of guiding the hawk with an oversized joystick, Smugglers Run feels often as if entangled in a giant video game, which in the opinion of driving producer Jacqueline might be intended King told reporters at the press preview on May 29 of the system.

"We were fortunate to partner with Epic using the Unreal game engine to develop a multi-projection system," she said. "At home, you're used to having your screen and playing it, but here you are literally embedded in the same kind of graphics and game environment, all in real time, what you do has real consequences, we have. " able to bring all these technologies together for the park. "

I drove through twice, once as the up / down pilot (who also made the leap into hyperspace if you always wanted" hit it ") and once as an engineer, and The experience is quite different – as a pilot, you are ready to go – you have the front seat and since you literally control the Falcon, the ride is exciting when you try to dodge debris, navigate through narrow tunnels and try otherwise Complete your mission without destroying Han Solo's pride and joy.

This immediacy also makes it a much more stressful role, and since you work with your co-pilot, communication is the key – if you want to do something. Avoid something, you Copilot can still hit you accidentally by steering to the left when you need to go to the right, even if you're in a group with a stranger, you need to make friends quickly and do not get cocky, boy. steering is much harder than it looks. (I'm also generally not prone to travel sickness, but I admit that being a pilot was much more dizzying than being an engineer, so if that's a problem, you might want to stick to one of the other two roles.) [19659006] Die Engineer and rifleman jobs are much less complicated – you only have to press the buttons when they light up to hit enemy fighters, fire projectiles or extinguish fires. Unfortunately, this is also a less appealing experience if you are not the pilot, as you will often pay attention to your console to make sure that you do not miss any key when it lights up, rather than watching what's happening on the screen and after the storyline , At a certain point, it feels more like playing a round of Whack A Mole than taking an exciting ride. As an engineer, it is sometimes difficult to see all the action on screen above the drivers' heads in front of you as you are in the back row. This may also make it difficult for younger drivers to see taller guests in front of them, or it may be difficult to respond quickly enough to their assigned roles – even though controlling the Millennium Falcon will undoubtedly be a great experience if you go against everything (as I can attest) and there is no way to "fail" or blow up the ship, the kids should still have fun Introducing competitive fans who visit Smugglers again and again Running to the controls and the race again To get a grip on the finer points of the route the hawk has to navigate, especially as the drivers get a score at the end – and Hondo credits depending on your salary how damaged the ship is at the end of your journey. This damage becomes visible as you emerge from the cockpit thanks to clever touches like flickering lights and the sound effects of confused circuits. We did not see it in action in the media preview, but apparently your performance on the ride is also recorded in the Play Disney app, and you could make a name for yourself with the Black Spire Outpost residents Flying or Destructive Tendencies add another cool level of interactivity to the experience.

The Verdict

Your Joy of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run may depend on what role you play, which is not ideal for a scenario riding – especially if it's the only one in Galaxy's Edge that is is in operation at the time of land opening. But between the hawkish detail of the hawk and the dizzying experience of literally feeling like a Star Wars movie, and not to mention the control of such a legendary vehicle, it's still an undeniable thrill that's a treat for longtime star Wars should be fans.

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