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Mindy Kaling disagree with the TV Academy about Emmy Vetting for "The Office" – Deadline

Mindy Kaling sticks to her comments in a game story that was published today in the journal Elle and in which she reported that she was one of The Office's co-author producers Elle published later this month in the November issue of the magazine, referred to a time at the beginning of the program in which Kaling announced that she had been told that Emmy was organizing the television academy that "there were too many producers on The Office who wanted to delete them from the list. She, the only colored woman on the team, would not qualify for an Emmy like the rest of the workforce. "

" To get her legal recognition, "the article continues," she recalls, "she, not one of the other producers, had to fill out a full form and write an essay on all my contributions as author and producer. I had to get letters from all the other male, white producers who said that I contributed when my actual record stood up for themselves. "Her name was eventually added to the list, the article said, and the show won in

It was unclear which season Kaling was referring to, but the hit of the NBC series was received during its run He has received a total of 42 Emmy nominations, and has won five in 2006, including the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy. From 2007, he was nominated five more times in the Marquee category -2011. [1965900LaterinthedaytheTVAcademyrespondedtoKaling'sclaimthatshehadbeensingledout

"Nobody was singled out," said a spokesman for the Academy. "Years ago, there were growing concerns about the number of performers and authors seeking producer rights. At that time, the producers' guild worked with the television academy to verify the legitimacy of the producers. Each executive producer and screenwriter was asked to justify his producer credits. We no longer require this justification from the producers of performers and authors, but continue to review the credits of advisory producers with the PGA to ensure that the credits actually function as producers. "

Kaling later replied to the TV Academy's response via Twitter.

"Respectfully, the statement of the Academy makes no sense. I was singled out. There were other producers of Office authors and writers who were NOT removed from the list. Just me. The youngest person and woman of color. Easiest to dismiss. Just say it.

She continued:

"I never wanted to bring up this incident because the office was one of the greatest creative experiences of my life and wanted to have a controversial relationship with the academy, who has the ongoing power, our careers with awards to improve?

"But I worked so hard and it was humiliating. I had written so many episodes, put so much time into the editing room, that the academy rejected them because they could not guess that I was capable of doing so. Luckily I was saved by my friends, the other producers.

"The point is, we should not have been saved for the kindness of our more powerful white male colleagues, not to mention it seemed to gloss over my story, it was like ten years ago, maybe it would not happen now, but it is

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