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Mindy Kaling & Ellie Kemper's favorite evening "Office" was an unforgettable musical collaboration – VIDEO

Anyone could use a little subtle sexuality in their lives – the music group of The Office . The stars of the fictional group, Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper, recalled The Office and what made their collaboration in music so special during a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers . The Offic Lovers may remember Subtile Sexuality and their song "Male Prima Donna" from the 2009 series of Webisodes, but they may not have known that Kaling brought the greatest to the screen or why Time of Kemper's life.

When the two remembered Meyers to bring Subtle Sexuality The Office Kemper referred to it in Kaling's idea. "I thought, what if Ellie Kemper and I had a girl band and we shot a music video?" Kaling said on Late Night . The two discussed how the actors could participate after a certain time in the design of the show and pay their contributions.

"You were like," Let's just go to the writers' room and say hello & # 39; "Kemper remembered Kaling during Late Night even though Kaling had worked his way up the series at that time, Kemper was still fresh." I was new, I did not know anyone. You've been a producer, you've been there for many years, from the beginning, "reminisces Kemper, introducing the idea to the writing team.

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube

Kaling has not only taken Kemper under her wing But it really was teamwork (and some fearlessness) to achieve that. "We showed up in our gold bars and then really did not say anything," Kemper continued during the interview, "we just went, we're here. Take it up. "Whether it was the success of their efforts or how damn funny it was, it's an outstanding experience in Kemper's life." That was one of the best days of my life. I'm sorry, but it's true, "she said.

The two actually met at The Office (and got along clearly) and according to IMDB, Kaling also directed the web episodes of Subtyl Sexuality. Subtle sexuality is known for her video "Male Prima Donna" with "Nard Dog" and "Mr. Underdround. "In the video with cameos by Ryan (BJ Novak) and Andy (Ed Helms), they channel the look, sound and aesthetics of Lady Gaga's 2008" Just Dance "and Kesha's 201

0 song" Tik Tok. "With heavy autotune and fans, who blow their hair, they sing lyrics like: " You are a male prima donna, but I can not help but want you / I am an independent diva, but I still need you. "

Subtile Sexuality's video is hilarious (and strangely catchy) and knowing the backstory makes it so much nicer to see, as silly as it seemed, it was also a considerable achievement in the careers of the actors

In previous interviews, Kaling recalled what it was like to emerge in the author's space on the iconic series and feel like a fish on the dry land. "I remember feeling so excluded, like, Oh, this is the club for old guys they always talk about, and I watch it, "she recalled The Off Camera Show in 2016." It was very exciting, but I was also without friends 'Living in a terrible place … so lonely.' Kaling had come this far in a couple of seasons. 'I remember being scared and silent for most of the first season,' she said in the interview. [19659002] Kaling wrote on En DE 26 Office episodes, many of which became favorites. She was obviously just as supportive of Kemper and her career (and even attended her 2012 wedding). Now we just need subtle sexuality to announce their reunion tour and everything will be fine in the world.

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