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Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission: Where to find all the rune locations and unlock the hidden level

Did you know there is a secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons? To access it, you’ll need to find all of the minecraft dungeon rune locations, of which there are a total of nine. Now it goes without saying that this hidden level guide in Minecraft Dungeons includes some spoilers for the game. So if you haven’t hit the game on standard difficulty yet, I would recommend bookmarking this page and coming back later. However, if you are not interested in spoilers, let us guide you to all the rune locations in the Minecraft dungeons and explain how to reach the secret mission via the drawbridge.

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How to access the secret level of Minecraft dungeons

Secret mission from Minecraft Dungeons

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So you know the drawbridge in the southeast corner of your Minecraft dungeon camp? Once you hit the game for the first time, you can get to the other side and lower it. Just go to the northeast corner, hop on the newly emerged piston pads, and take the path south through the trees just before you get to the Nether Portal. Follow the path and you can interact with the lever to lower the drawbridge.

When you enter the building you will find a church. Portraits of the developers line the walls and at the end there is a button with 10 symbols above it. The first icon should already light up as it is unlocked to find the church. However, the rest of the symbols are not activated unless you have found rune positions the first time you play through them. To reach the secret level of the Minecraft dungeons (see the bottom of this guide for details, if you just want to know what the mission involves!), You need to find the nine rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons and return to the church.

Rune locations in Minecraft dungeons

Here are all nine rune locations in the Minecraft dungeons from start to finish.

Rune site from Creeper Woods

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Creeper Woods

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Complete the level until you reach the ultimate goal of freeing five villagers. Free the enemies and head to the southwest corner of the area, where you’ll find the cobblestone and brick sections shown above. When you interact with the cobblestone button, a door opens. Enter it and go to the end, interact with the next button and then interact with the object that appears.

Soggy Swamp rune location

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Soggy Swamp

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This is exactly at the end of the level. After destroying the cauldron, look for the stone pillar pictured above, on which vines hang. Press the button hidden in the mushrooms, enter the door and do the same as for the last rune.

Cacti Canyon rune location

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Cacti Canyon

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Play for the rune in Cacti Canyon until you need to “find the golden key”. Before entering the area with the blue key, examine behind the plant on the left side of the gate. When you interact with the button, an entrance is shown behind the blue key.

Rune site of pumpkin willows

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: pumpkin willows

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Halfway through this mission, if your goal is still to find the village, you’ll find a long castle wall. There is a button behind the boxes, which at the end reveals a door with the next rune.

Rune site of the Redstone Mines

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Redstone Mines

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If your task is to free five villagers, go to the other side of the room before moving on to the next section. At the top is a button behind a redstone. Push it and yes you have it – another door will open.

Rune site of the desert temple

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Desert Temple

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Immediately after picking up the golden key, look behind the palm tree in the adjoining room to find another button.

Fiery blacksmith rune location

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Fiery Forge

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This is pretty close to the start; When you enter the section with the fallen redstone golem, there is a lever in the far left corner that releases the next rune area.

Rune location of the highblock halls

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: highblock halls

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When you reach the marketplace and your goal is to crash the party go to the top of this area where you will find the switch shown above.

Obsidian Pinnacle rune location

Rune locations of the Minecraft dungeons: Obsidian Pinnacle

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If you enter the interior while chasing the Arch-Illager, play until you are almost finished. Before you go outside again, there should be a small library area. Approach the bookshelves and you should be able to pull one of the books to reveal a space behind. Along with the rune, it also has a few chests for additional loot.


Minecraft dungeon rune locations: Moo?

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Now you can unlock the secret level. When all nine runes have been acquired, go back to the church and press the button again at the end. This will reveal another door with two soul boxes and a card. Take the card to access ??? to obtain. Level in the upper right corner of the mission selection screen.

Travel here and voila! The secret level is called “Moo?” and is entirely on Mooshroom Island, one of Minecraft’s rarest discoveries. While Mooshroom cows are peaceful in standard Minecraft, it’s these angry. Angry and very, very hard. If you complete the level to the end, you will face Mooshroom Monstrosity, a tougher version of the Redstone Monstrosity boss that you fought before.

This level is an indication of Diablo II who had one hidden cow step. Minecraft has normal cows, of course, but since they’re scattered throughout the game anyway, it makes a lot more sense to make it a secret Mooshroom Cow level. We haven’t managed to defeat the Mooshroom monstrosity yet. If you do, please let us know what loot you will get!

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