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Ministry of Justice sent anti-Semitic mail to immigration judge

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Department of Justice's Ministry of Immigration sent a press conference in the morning with a blog post from an anti-immigration website, which also published work by white nationalists.

VDARE's contribution included direct-link immigration judges with racist bows and a special anti-Semitic reference to Jews and power, according to a letter sent on Thursday by Justice Division President Ashley Tabbador to James McHenry, executive director of the Executive Bureau Immigration examination in the Ministry of Justice, sent.

It was distributed to all 440 immigration judges across the country earlier this week along with other reports from The Washington Post and Connecticut Public Radio. The recording of the article was first reported by Buzzfeed.

Deputy spokeswoman Kathryn Mattingly said the daily morning news is assembled by a contractor and the blog post should not have been included.

"The Department of Justice condemns anti-Semitism in the strongest terms," ​​she said.

VDARE is an anti-immigration website founded and published by Peter Brimelow. He also operates a Connecticut-based charitable VDARE foundation that, according to the IRS, raised nearly $ 4.8 million between 2007 and 201


Brimelow has denied that his website is a white nationalist, but has acknowledged that it publishes works by writers who do so in line with this description, "in the sense that they want to defend the interests of American whites ". Brimelow has also spoken at conferences organized by white nationalist groups, including Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute and Jared Taylor's online magazine American Renaissance.

Tabbador wrote that the union fully supports the right to freedom of expression. "However, the publication and dissemination of an anti-Semitic website for white supremacists … is in conflict with the goals and ideals of the Ministry of Justice." The problem arose when the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for immigration judges, questioned their right to be represented by a union. It is a move that the judges wanted to silence.

A petition recently filed with the Federal Employment Agency argued that the union should not be allowed because the judges are administrative officials who assist in deciding or shaping the agency's policy, Justice Spokesman said.

In recent months, the Immigration Judges Association has opposed new performance quotas and rules for the administration of court records. The National Association of Immigration Judges has also demanded the independence of immigration courts from the Ministry of Justice, where the judges are currently employees.

The Ministry of Justice held a summit last month to tackle anti-Semitism. In his keynote speech, Attorney General William Barr said the fight against anti-Semitism was "an important priority" for the Department of Justice and condemned what he called the "unbearable" increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

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