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Mirage from Apex Legends now has a dating profile

Illustration: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends do not have much knowledge. The characters have comments on their backgrounds on the official website of the game, which contains some interesting details. Did you know that Mirage is the youngest of four brothers? Today we learned a little more about the hologram, thanks to a dating profile that Respawn has made for him.

The profile appeared today on Apex Legends and I hate it being so cute. Mirage is just a guy from North Brooklyn, New York, if that guy was a future cashier and also very good at blood sports. He starts with the profile of not wanting to settle down, and then mentions in the end that he is getting married. How many times have you met someone for whom there are no shackles, only to find out that the threads are definitely appropriate, are you only expected to never talk about them?

My favorite piece is when Mirage mentions that he once took mushrooms and it attracted him to a pumpkin. I have to know everything about it.

He's such a close-up portrait of a Fickboys that I can not help but be a little charmed. Mirage is a mistake I've made many times in the past, and this dating profile makes me feel called. I would like to know why you posted my post on the website Apex Legends respawn

. If this is the caliber of lore, we can expect Apex I & # 39; I am ready for more. This is such a quick and accurate portrait of a Guy Who Suck that I somehow had to love Mirage more. I also find it incredibly sad that we will continue to use terrible dating sites in the future. Do you think that Mirage also loves IPAs, The Shawshank Redemption and travel?

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