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Miranda Lambert explains how her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin differs from her marriage to Blake Shelton

Country star Miranda Lambert seems to be happier with her second husband Brendan McLoughlin than ever before, but it's hard to forget the days when Lambert was married to his compatriot Blake Shelton. The two were one of the country's largest power couples at the time and everyone was shocked when they announced their divorce. But now Lambert has found someone, and she recently raved about how her marriage to McLoughlin differs from her marriage to Shelton.

  Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin
Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin | John Shearer / ACMA2019 / Getty Images for ACM

Lambert and Shelton Announced Shocking Divorce in July 2015

When these two were together, they were one of the best-known country couples. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Lambert and Shelton started their marriage in 2006 and did not marry. The two were together for about four years before Shelton proposed them in 2010. And until the beginning of 2015, it seemed to be good between the two. In April 2015, Lambert tweeted a photo of Shelton's plectrum in her drinking glass, but it turned out to be the last one to mention each other on social media. In July 2015, they announced that they divorced after years of marriage.

  Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton in 2014 | Rick Diamond / Getty Images for BMI

In the couple's marriage, there were rumors of infidelity.

After the divorce had been said and done, rumors surfaced that fraud had been the reason for their separation. But who cheats still remains to be seen. Shelton and Lambert have both pointed out that the other is unfaithful, though there was no evidence or confession from either side. One of Shelton's songs suggested that Lambert was with someone else, but after several other rumors, Lambert was the one who was hurt by the infidelity of her ex.

Lambert has since married Brendan McLoughlin – and her relationship with him is different.

Although the relationship with Shelton was about to end, Lambert has since been lucky with someone else – NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin. And she told how her new relationship is different from her time with Shelton. "If you find someone who really loves you and who really smiles at you, it's like a smile from the inside," Lambert told ET Online. "It's a light that is clicked so that you really did not know it's off." Lambert mentioned that she does not want to be "too happy," as she still needs to be able to handle every sad song Write now and then. Still, she only had friendly words to say about her new husband.

The couple is reportedly very relaxed together.

Lambert and McLoughlin have spent nights in the city since their clashes. And those who discovered them say the two seem very happy. An eyewitness told ET Online that Lambert and McLoughlin looked "very relaxed" and laughed "with each other and with others around them." It's nice to see that Lambert is finally happy with someone after writing many heartfelt songs on their previous album. The weight of these wings. Lambert has just released her last album, Wildcard, and she seems to be in a much better place.

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