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Missed Fists: Kyokushin Karate generates a rolling thunder KO, more

Welcome to the latest issue of Missed Fists, where we highlight battles from around the world that may have been overlooked in these hectic times when there seems to be an MMA show every other day.

How fitting this fits in The Year of the Knee Knockout, Jorge Masvidal gave us what was probably the biggest of all times last Saturday. Let's see how the rest of the world of martial arts developed while we waited for Ben Askren to calm down.

Artur Arutyunyan vs. Nikita Moshkin
Petar Stoykov vs. Suhrob Nazarov
Andrei Chekhonin vs. Ruslan Nasibulin

AL: Probably much to ask to top Masvidal, so let's see … [1

9659011] Whoa.

JM: Rolling Thunder!

Must Be Respected The man who performs the Kyokushin Wheel Kick, even though it's one of the stupidest moves in martial arts, because it's fantastic when it works by the thousands. Normally, it looks like Dan Henderson has ended his MMA career by kicking Michael Bisping, who missed a land mile.

AL: All this requires some explanation. This is Artur Arutyunyan, who receives the victory against Nikita Moshkin at the SENSHI Professional Gala Fight Night in Varna, Bulgaria, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Night One and Night Two can both be replayed for free FITE TV. As far as I can tell, this is full contact Kyokushin karate, which means that it allows for throws, elbows and blows to the head.

The last two changes to the rule will be made clear in this next clip, in which Petar Stoykov defeats Suhrob Nazarov. [19659017] JM: Senshi is a jerk. First a rolling kick and now a really wild elbow knockout. Look at how this mouthpiece is ejected from the face of poor Nazarov!

AL: This mouthpiece has gotten serious air.

JM: Beautiful combination here by Andrei Chekhonin, but you have to wonder if the MMA The moral community will show up in droves over that we are presenting a man who so aggressively dampens his fallen opponent by giving up shows him.

After all, Jorge Masvidal was full of pearls. Where do we draw the border?!?!?!

AL: Shades of Shawn Kemp's classic "Lister Blister" jam.

Siyovush Gulmamadov vs. Adamson Torbiso
Mohammad Fakhreddine vs. Dan Vinni [19659008] Chi Lewis Parry vs. Mahmoud Hassan

There are many more KOs to come, but first I have to join MMA Fightings-based black belt of the bizarre and ask exactly what the hell Siyovush Gulmamadov Adamson Torbiso did to get to this place:

JM: To be honest, I'm not sure what's going on. I * think * that is a compression lock on the neck, but I could be convinced of anything.

I also have no idea how you can get to that point in a grappling progression at all, or how you have the idea in the middle of doing this opaque compression lock. Especially for a guy with a 1-2 plate! I'm so confused.

AL: Speaking of records, there was some discrepancy on raising eyebrows on this map, starting with the 11-3 middleweight Mohammad Fakhreddine against the veteran .500 fighter Dan Vinni:

Look at this shot , Immediate knocking and I do not blame Vinni.

JM: This is the rare Lebertritt KO, in which the guy collapses immediately. It usually takes one second for liver shots until the brain registers that a vital organ is traumatized. Not for my cousin Vinni. His brain immediately shuts off his entire body and that's all she's written.

AL: If you thought this was a mismatch, then the main event between Chi Lewis-Parry and Mahmoud Hassan was an absolute travesty.

Lewis Parry is pretty good at martial arts, with Mahmoud Hassan entering the fight as a 38-year-old with a 1-5 record and two knockout losses in the first round in less than 40 seconds. I do not know much about him, but I bet he's not that good at martial arts.

Guess what happened here.

JM: Cool KO or whatever, but look, fans getting mad at Masvidal are ridiculous. That's the stuff you should get annoyed with.

It's a borderline criminal to allow a man with an MMA victory more than I threw in the cage with a legitimate cage fighter. They might as well have given the damned belt to CLP instead of risking his hand on Hassan's head.

AL: At first glance, it may seem surprising that Hassan went down so fast after just one counter attack. Blow, but …

JM: Look, what happened to that poor idiot!

AL: That was a HELL for a hit.

JM: Whoever allowed TF this fight has to pay all medical bills.

Varsham Gevorgyan Vs. Mehrab Mahboobi
Artur Malkhasyan Vs. Mohammad Reza Rigi
Arkadiy Osipyan vs Mher Merjanyan

AL: Next, we have a couple of hellish punches to discuss from Hellbathing Gorilla Fighting Championship 13 & Mix Fight Events 42 on Saturday as well as a classic "Er fell funny ".

Here's Varsham Gevorgyan, the big brother of Mehrab Mahboobi:

It's probably worth noting that Gevorgyan had a 6-3 record in this fight and Mahboobi was, err, 0-0.

JM: Huge fan of the 360 ​​helicopter that was disabled. If you get such a fighter on your shoulder, why not put him into the spin first?

But who the hell lets guys compete in zero fights against veterans with nine fights? MMA: The sport of kings.

AL: As shown in our next clip, we could better enjoy these things with better matchmaking and better officers. Love the aggression of Artur Malkhasyan and it should be recognized. If only the referee had noticed, Mohammad Reza Rigi could have spared no harm:

JM: Would like to know what goes through this referee's head. My guess is, "Ah, damn, I had a hundred on Rigi. Maybe Malkhasyan will be exhausted if I do not stop rattling Rigi's mind, and then the comeback can start. Seriously, it can be difficult to be a referee, but there are a few times when it's easy to become a referee, and when a fighter bounces off visibly, you stop when a fighter becomes unconscious And when a grounded fighter hides and rolls away, you end the damned battle, which is almost as inexcusable as letting CLP kill a guy.

AL: Want a pallet cleaner, sir? [19659054] JM: Finally a fight where I do not have to be completely discouraged by the surrounding circumstances Clearly Mher Merjanyan has no fights and Arkadiy Osipyan is 4-0, but hey, that's not completely unreasonable! The result remains the same, however, as Osipyan clearly took Merjanyan's balance from him Dude is conscious, but his legs are not working properly and that is why he jumps so nicely off the cage.

AL: And we use the word funny "with the utmost respect.

Glory 67's kickboxing finish last Thursday is almost the opposite of a "He Fell Funny". Thomas Diagne gets cut so clean by this Ross Levine head thrust that everything stops and he gets in the way of a brutal sequel punch.

JM: Levine turns Diagne upside down and though Diagne is clear, is not he? His body freezes and he falls over, but part of his brain is conscious and aware, just not the part that knows how to do things, how to talk or fight back. Honestly, that's how I imagine it would be if you could rip someone's soul off. The light is on, but no one is home.

Lom-Ali Nalgiev vs. Igor Michaliszyn

If the last thing happened was when your soul was stolen, it looks like it's going to exorcise a demon out of a body. Completely frozen, but for the cramps. And a lifeless view into the great abyss.

AL: Note to yourself: "Never let yourself be beaten."

This is a great KO by Lom-Ali Nalgiev from the really well-known Polish promotion Rocky Warriors Cartel.


The more I read it, the better it gets.

One day there were a lot of jokes about Anthony Johnson, but no, that's not what "Rumble" decided. Instead, he did that much more logically and brought his incredible punch to the world of (Checks Notes) Submission Underground.

JM: I know I was a bit negative this week, but honestly This could be even more boring than the Chi Lewis Parry fight. Who the hell has seen Anthony Johnson's MMA career and thought, "Yup, we have to get the guy on the mats, with a really great grappler?" I can not even comprehend the process of team discussion that took place in this process.

Does Chael only draw names from a hat or something? At least it should be Richie Martinez or something like that, maybe to make it a bit more interesting.

AL: For people who do not know much about Jones, he's a highly skilled BJJ Black Belt that has had success at the ADCC, EBI, Quintet, Polaris, just about every major grappling contest you've ever heard of have heard.

Johnson is a retired caged fighter who was submitted in five of his six defeats. He has a better chance of killing Jon Jones than to file Craig Jones.

And so

JM: The only good thing is that it reminded me that fight number one I want to see in MMA is rumble against Ngannou. In addition, nothing else matters.

AL: Before we look at one of our proud Missed Fists views, let's look at Willis Black, who could soon be promoted to key leagues himself last Wednesday at Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting 79 in Southgate , Michigan.

That's black, just smoking the UFC veterinarian Justin Edwards in 47 seconds. It would probably have been closer to 30 seconds, if not for the terrible, terrible tenure.

Black is 26 years old, 7-2, and all his victories come by knockout or submission.

JM: Do you know what was not terrible? Willis Black. The child as a great record is still young and seems to be able to do some things in this sport.

The Call-Up

AL: Missed Fists Alum Yoshinori Horie Will Enter On July 27, he fights Calgary's Hakeem Dawodu at the UFC 240 in Edmonton, Alberta.

JM: You may remember Horie from Missed Fists when he brutally defeated Hiroshige Tanaka this year.

Here's what I wrote back then:

That was great. I like the way Tanaka basically dies in Horie's arms. I do not know that I've ever seen anyone put KO in the perfect back-to-back choke position, but that's why we love this sport.

Do not look like that now, but Horie is 8: 1 professional and only 23 years old. This kid is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Again, my words seem predictable.

AL: Who will be blessed next by the words of Jed Meshew (and ?] @Preux )? Stay tuned for Missed Fists to find out!


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