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Mississippi lawmakers get coronavirus after refusing to wear masks

According to Dr. Thomas Dobbs from the Mississippi Health Department has tested about one in six state legislators for the corona virus.

Mississippi’s governor, Tate Reeves, said Tuesday that he and his daughters were tested negative for the virus and tweeted that they had “limited contact with the diagnosed people”.

Without masks, it may not be a shock that the virus spreads so efficiently within lawmakers. The desks are packed tightly on the floor, and members gather closely to communicate with their colleagues.

“We could have done more to prevent this from happening,” said State Representative Democratic leader Robert Johnson III in a statement to CNN.

“It appears that it was just a wrong, dangerously promoted political stance. It̵

7;s disgusting. Our governor refuses to order nationwide mask requirements, and our leadership has decided not to require it in the Capitol.”

A legislator infected with coronavirus, Rep. Ronnie Crudup Jr., said that although he wore a mask most of the time, he could have been more vigilant. “I can honestly say that I wore my mask 95% of the time I was at the Capitol and in public places, but that 5% can make a big difference,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

On Thursday, Governor Reeves placed mask orders for 13 counties with the largest spiers of Covid-19, including Jackson, Biloxi and Gulfport. “Mississippi is fighting for our lives,” he said.

Even President Donald Trump, who stubbornly refused to wear a mask in public and ridiculed those who did, said he will wear a mask on Saturday when he visits the Walter Reed National Medical Center.

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