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Mitch Albom said: “Lukewarm” response to DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic contributions “should annoy us”

Famous sports journalist and author Mitch Albom slammed the “lukewarm” response to anti-Semitic contributions by Philadelphia Eagles recipient DeSean Jackson.

“Nowadays, you can lose your job for a tweet. You can lose it for a retweet or spouse’s tweet. If your message is considered racist or hateful, it can lead to a rush of conviction followed by a quick deletion of your message Reputation and Your Career, “Albom began a column on Sunday in the Detroit Free Press. “So it may come as a surprise that NFL star DeSean Jackson posted several anti-Semitic messages on Instagram last weekend – including a quote he (erroneously) attributed to Adolf Hitler who claimed that Jews were blackmailing America and a plan for world domination to have.”

; – There were no mass crimes from his industry and no immediate punishment from his team. “

Albom beat the Eagles for the gentle and belated punishment of Jackson, which was an “undisclosed fine”, and for the defense that Jackson faced from other athletes such as former NBA player Stephen Jackson and New Orleans Saints player Malcolm Jenkins who contested the controversy as a distraction. “


“The reason why Jewish people aren’t surprised by hateful comments is that anti-Semitism is the oldest form of bigotry in the world,” Albom wrote. “It comes from biblical times and never had a break.”

The columnist then summed up the centuries of hatred that Jewish people faced after being enslaved in Egypt and massacred during the Crusades, up to the six million that were killed during the Holocaust.

“The truth of Jackson’s slaps in the face is probably this: Anti-Semitism does not cause the same rage as other prejudices. There is rarely an outcry that is so loud or persistent when a synagogue is attacked or a Jewish person is killed for their beliefs. The entire Jewish population is slandered” , wrote Albom. “This was reflected in the mild reaction to DeSean Jackson and in Jenkins’ statements that ‘Jewish people are not our problem’ and ‘Let’s not lose focus on what the problem really is …’ No, Malcolm, that’s what the problem really is, intolerance, stereotyping, repetition of hateful rhetoric from others, everything is packed together, and if you become ballistic on the one hand, you should become ballistic on the other, especially if it is in your own industry lies. “


He continued: “Silence is compliance.” This is a popular phrase today. But you can’t handle your noise selectively. Not against hate. Despite the large amount of garbage that was roused against Jews last week, it was unsettlingly quiet out there. We should think twice about why. “

Jackson fiercely criticized his Instagram posts praising Louis Farrakhan, who has made a number of anti-Semitic comments over the years and shared a quote that was incorrectly attributed to Adolf Hitler. Jackson has since apologized.

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