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MLB – Boston Red Sox pays David Price, J. D. Martinez $ 317m for nights like these

BOSTON – Building a strong farming system is still important. A strong analytics department in your front office is becoming increasingly important. You need to do some smart business, maybe pick up a few key pieces at the close, and one or two lottery tickets are always nice.

But, you know, money does not hurt.

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The Boston Red Sox spent $ 317 million on a night like this: David Price gave six solid innings and claimed victory in a World Series game and JD Martinez delivered the clutch, two , two out. The Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 in Wednesday's World Series 2 game 2: 2 lead

How big is the first two games? Teams with a 2-0 lead in the World Series made it 80.8 percent of the time

How big was this prize? The man who started the postseason shot at the New York Yankees in Fenway Park ̵

1; he recorded only five outs before joining a chorus of Buhs house fans – now has two games in a row in the postseason and his team has won his last three starts. He has played six innings in the last two races and only scored three in both games. Suddenly, the guy who could not win in the postseason is the guy you want on the hill in the postseason.

Ah, yes, October is volatile and our traits are fleeting and temporary.

Before the World Series Price started admitting to beat the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series was a big deal for him. "It's definitely a weight off of me," he said Tuesday. "Not like food tastes better or something like that, but it was time, and I'm definitely glad that the time has come and we passed by, and I'm looking forward to doing the same tomorrow."

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David Price explains the success of his transformation in Game 2, the bullpen that deals with this postseason and how the offense gives away no atbats.

He did the same – somehow. After relying on his transformation to beat Houston, he relied more on his hardships against the Dodgers. Of its 88 seats were 63 fastballs, boards or cutters. He mingled with 25 changes, and while he did not register any strikeouts with the board, the Dodgers went only 1 in 5 in at-fats and ended up with a change. It was a veteran performance from a guy who was one of the better starters in the game over the past ten years.

"It's huge," Price said on Wednesday night about his performance. "It's the biggest stage in baseball, and there's no other stage bigger than a World Series game unless it's World Series 7, and it feels good to do that." I pumped for myself, pumped for all my teammates and coaches so we have two wins from it. "

Dave Dombrowski took over in August 2015 as the president of the baseball stakes for the Red Sox, as the team was heading for a second Straight Lost season for the first time since 1994. His first major signing this winter was Price, too Price won 17 games in 2016 and led the league thrown in innings, but some looked at the 3.99 ERA and a poor start against the Cleveland Indians in the division series and decided the contract was an overpayment.

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The criticism got even louder last season – that's Bos Ton, remember – when Price first wound up injured only in his career 11 and had a controversial confrontation with Red Sox announcer Dennis Eckersley on a team flight.

Now, with Chris Sale struggling to get some length in games, Price is again headlining the rotation.

"He was out there fighting his butt and you have I want to give him his hat," said Martinez. "These last two exits he was unbelievable and I'm so happy for him and proud of him, all the criticism that he came here to come back to what he did, he's a big part of ours Teams and I could not be happier for him. "

Price crossed through three hitless innings before the Dodgers scratched over a few runs in the fourth. It could have been worse since they loaded the bases without outs. Price said he had made some good placings that would have credited the Dodgers with a few good thugs, but he whipped up Enrique Hernandez and Austin Barnes to limit the damage.

"That was a tough inning," Price said. "It could have gotten out of hand fairly quickly, and it was one of my Achilles heels, especially in the playoffs and even in the regular season, is this big inning." Instead, he settled down and raced through the fifth and sixth innings, kicking back the last seven batters he faced.

In the meantime, Martinez came through in the bottom of the fifth. The Dodgers were 2-1 behind Hyun-Jin Ryu when the inning began. Ryu has withdrawn the first two blows, but then the Red Sox did what they did in the postseason: damage with two outs. Hey, there's a reason why they wear this postseason slogan on their t-shirts and hoodies (if not the winter parkas on a cold baseball night in Fenway).

After Boston had loaded the bases against Ryu, Ryan Madson came in and went to tie Steve Pearce to the score. Martinez then flew a 1-0 fastball into the right field for a two-run singles. He did not hit hard – 80.1 mph starting speed – and with Yasiel Puig playing a deep right field, it fell into the Red Sox 4-2.


1:04 [19659011] JD Martinez responds to the Red Sox 2-0 in the World Series, David Price's performance and his go-ahead single in the fifth inning.

Martinez had played against Madson in Game 1 and was eliminated. "I saw him yesterday and it was a very similar situation," Martinez said. "He was a little wild and I went up there passively."

This time, he told himself to trust his eyes. "Go up there and trust your eyes and if it's a ball, it's a ball, but do not go passive," he said. "It was not a bad pitch, it was a good field and I was lucky enough to stay in and get in."

Martinez was of course Dombrowski's other big free-agent engagement at Boston. Although Martinez was clearly the best racquet on the market, he remained unsigned until February. Teams seemed to invent reasons not to sign him: his defense is not good, he turned 31 in August 31, he would sign with the Red Sox anyway.

Maybe they were right. He signed a five-year contract with the Red Sox for $ 110 million (he has exit clauses after 2019 and 2020). As with Price, consider it as well-spent money when the Red Sox win the World Series.

Part of the reason why the Red Sox Martinez was able to land is that several other big donors took the winter off. The Dodgers and Yankees focused on getting below the luxury tax threshold, though the Yankees were acting for Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton had a solid season, but not nearly the season that Martinez had. The Giants needed a big club, but instead exchanged for Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen. The Mets battled Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier. The Cubs signed Yu Darvish instead. Maybe the Astros would play in the World Series if they signed Martinez as DH or left fielder.

The great thing about the postseason is that any story can develop. There will be unsung heroes – Red Sox enthusiasts have withdrawn all nine battles they saw in Game 2. Brock Holt will compete for the cycle. Ryan Brasier will be the lottery ticket. Nathan Eovaldi will be the key to trading in the season.

But normally, to win a World Series, your stars have to deliver. The prize is now undefeated as a World Series starter. Martinez hits .333 / .429 / .538 in the postseason with more walks than strikeouts – by a guy who roamed 33 times in April and walked eight times.

Looking back at the day's price tagged with the Red Sox, he was asked about his postseason story – he was only 0-7 starter at that time.

"I just saved all my postseason winnings for the Red Sox," Price said with a smile. "I know that big things are going to happen to me in October, which has not happened so far, that will change and I've worked too much, I know I can do it."

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