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MLB goals, schedule: Cardinals place pirates first in NL Central; Twins & Cruz meets Homer

Welcome to another Thursday in Major League Baseball, which brings us a few matinees on the escape day and three late games in the west. The Cardinals have sneaked into first place against two division mates, a hopeful rival continues his tailspin phase in the second half, a Yankees pitcher writes a story that is not all that good, while a Twins player with story flirting and much more is announced at night action.

Stay here all night for updates, and let's get started!

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Baseball Schedule / Points for Thursday, July 25

Red-hot Cardinals Sweep Pirates

The Cardinals have completed a four-game sweep on Thursday in Pittsburgh. They took the lead 2-0 and then four runs on three homers, the rest of the way to the pirates down again. Most importantly, Paul Goldschmidt met one of them:

On Sunday, I found out that Goldschmidt was not very good this season, but is able to get incredibly hot in one fell swoop to become. In this series he went with Hour Homers and nine RBI 6 for 16. He is the type of player who can execute a crime.

The Cardinals have taken the lead 11-3 since the All-Star break and have successfully eliminated the Pirates and Reds in the NL Headquarters as they have lost three of four reds before the series. The whole division was in 4 1/2 games at the All-Star break, but now the red eight and the pirates are back nine.

Speaking of Division: The Cubs have a Thursday off, and the Cardinals' win brings the rivals to a draw at 55:47. Many eyes will be on Cubs at Brewers this weekend, but from Tuesday to Thursday the Cubs are visiting the Cardinals for a three-game series. The Dreimannrennen in the control center is a lot of fun.

Tanaka Writes Dubious Story

Here's the last line for Yankees starter Masahiro Tanaka on Thursday night at Fenway Park:

Understatement Alert: That's pretty bad, no?

The Red Sox picked him up for seven in the first and five in the fourth and beat two homers and six doubles from the All-Star (whose ERA is now up to 4.79).

This is the first time that a pitcher since A.J. Burnett allowed 12 against the Cardinals on May 2, 2012. This is the second time in the history of the Yankees that a pitcher 12 had to cough up. The previous time was in 1923, when Carl Mays quit 13, but he also worked eight innings. The last time this happened at Fenway Park was on August 14, 1949, when Paul Calvert gave up 12 in 5 2/3 innings. How for a Yankees Red Sox game? This is the first time ever.

The Yankees' starters as a whole are currently fighting. Take a look at what they have done lately and work backwards:

  • Wednesday: J.A. Happ gave up six runs in 3 1/3 innings.
  • Tuesday: Domingo German gave up eight runs with nine goals in 3 2/3 innings.
  • Monday: CC Sabathia allowed seven runs with six hits in four innings.
  • Sunday: James Paxton gave up seven runs with five hits in 3 1/3 innings. Saturday: Tanaka threw five goalless innings, but gave up five runs in the sixth race.

There will be a trading session next week, and it would be necessary for the Yankees to add one or two appetizers.

At the end of the Red Sox they had 23 hits. Eight players had a multi-hit game. There were 10 doubles with three players with two. There were four homers Xander Bogaerts had two. After four-goal play, Bogaerts hits .315 / .400 / .575.

Cruz Homer three times in the first five innings

The Twins have destroyed five more Homer in another victory on Thursday. The seemingly timeless Nelson Cruz (he is 39 years old) has clubbed one in each of his first three bats:

Cruz got two more bats with the chance of becoming the 17th become players in modern history with four homers in one game. He would have been the oldest at the age of eight. Unfortunately, he knocked out and flew out. It should not be, but for a few innings it was a funny thought.

Cruz now has 26 homers this season. He has averaged 41 home runs over the past five seasons and his career high is 44. In his 27-year season he had only 22 home runs, since then it has 363. Had he put everything together in the early 20, he would have run on 500 Homer careers ,

The twins move to 62-40.

Rockies rally to ruin Scherzer's return

The Nationals have won in a better clip than any other team since their terrible start from 19 to 31, but the end of their bullpen was extremely overhauled after the double-header on Wednesday Thursday. Fernando Rodney worked at both ends of the Twin Billing and was asked to close it. It did not work. Ian Desmond opted for a draw:

The Rockies regrouped to take the lead and win.

The big news for the Nats was that they got their ace, Max Scherzer, back from the injury list. He was mostly good, but was knocked out in the fourth inning. He struck eight against two runs and allowed three runs with four hits. The damage has all happened in this fourth inning. Otherwise he was what we expected from Scherzer.

The Braves have Thursday free, so that the Nats fall back to 4 1/2 in the NL East. They have the best spot on the NL Joker, but the division is the goal and it is now a realistic scenario, even though they have lost 10 games at a time. So that hurts.

It's a nice win at the end of the Rockies, but they did not play well enough to be called competitors at the time. There are 7 1/2 games from the second wild card with five teams in the way.

Padres fall again

At the All-Star break the Padres were between 45 and 45 and in the NL good enough to be within striking distance to a playoff point (there were two from the second wild card) , , They had just won three in a row and taken three out of four from the mighty Dodgers. It was a successful first half, especially considering how young they are and how long they have not started. Since the break, however, it has been a very difficult task. With the defeat on Thursday against Jacob deGrom and the Mets, the Padres have lost every series since the break.

  • Swept away by the Braves in three games at home.
  • Two out of three lost to the lower Marlins in Miami.
  • Two out of three lost to the Cubs in Wrigley.
  • Two out of three lost to the Mets in New York.

At least the Padres can drive home to beautiful San Diego, but there are now seven games with the second wild card and there are four teams between them and the point. This is the area of ​​the seller.

Quick hit

  • Rays Ace Blake Snell is operated on the elbow and has to retire for at least four weeks. More about Snell's outlook.
  • Troy Tulowitzki has decided to officially retire from baseball his ham bone . Willie Calhoun comes as an appropriate move.
  • The Brewers call infielder Travis Shaw, with Jhoulys Chacin on the injured list. reports The Athletic.
  • The Yankees placed Brett Gardner on the injured list and left-wing. Hand helper Stephen Tarpley arrives as the appropriate train.
  • The Astros will activate Carlos Correa from the Injured List on Fridays and appoint Tony Kemp for deployment reports The Athletic .
  • The twins have activated Byron Buxton from the Injured list and sent Jake Cave to the minors.
  • The Dodgers exchanged views against Astros base player Tyler White who had deployed him from Houston a few days ago.
  • Lefty Alex Wood will start on Sunday, have announced the Reds. He was out with a back injury all season. Interestingly enough, Wood, if he plays really well, may be the only season trip with the Reds. After the season, he is a free agent, and the reds are expected to sell on the deadline.
  • The Cubs call on energy provider Ian Happ for Friday's game, reports Tommy Birch of the Des Moines Register. The corresponding step will be interesting. Kris Bryant left the match Wednesday with a knee injury, although the team hinted it was not serious. Maybe he's on the list of injured, maybe not. If not, David Bote and Albert Almora would be candidates for the option on Triple-A, while Daniel Descalso could be chosen for the job. He's in the first year of a two-year deal, but he hits .181 / .283 / .263 and his deal is only $ 5 million.
  • The Yankees have taken over Brian Navarreto from the Twins for monetary reasons, the club announced. Remember, Gary Sanchez is on the list of the injured.

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