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MLB Mock Draft 2019: Adley Rutschman still favorite on rank 1; Andrew Vaughn drops a few places


Tip: C Adley Rutschman, Oregon State

Rutschman's college career ended on Saturday when Oregon State was eliminated in the regions. He had a monster year (.427 / .584 / .772 with 69 walks and 36 strokes) and even received the Barry Bonds treatment over the weekend. Cincinnati deliberately preceded Rutschman with laden bases and three runs.

Rutschman is the best prospect in this year's draft and possibly the best prospect since Bryce Harper in 201

0 . He took a broader perspective when Buster Posey was included in the 2008 draft as Rutschman's power potential is more obvious. A stunning eye-catcher with power and strong defense chops is just the kind of team of players to go for it.

Orioles GM Mike Elias recently told Dan Connolly of The Athletic that they had narrowed their list for the No. 1 selection to "about four players at the moment". We hear that much at this time of the year. The # 1 club is playing cool in contract negotiations that violate the rules technically, but all the while, to leverage. The O's could go with another player (Bobby Witt Jr. or Andrew Vaughn are the obvious candidates), sign him and spend the bonus pool's bonus on future picks. Elias did that several times when he came up with designs for the Astros. That may be tempting, but the bet here is that the O's play directly and take Rutschman, the best player on the board.

"It's hard to underestimate it – it's a huge opportunity," said Elias Joe Trezza of MLB.com, claiming that he was number one. So you feel a lot of pressure, the chance is great, but not easy, no one has a crystal ball and it's not easy to pin it down, we just do as much work as we can and. " Do the best we can.

First draft: Rutschman
Second draft: Rutschman


Selection: SS Bobby Witt Jr., Colleyville Heritage HS Texas)

One can never really speak of a barrier in the MLB draft, but the royals who take Witt are approaching a barrier as they go – they were all over him this spring and their long-term affinity High-end top level athletes with above-average defensive tools make this an obvious fit, and if you add his strength and offensive potential, Witt has real five-tooling abilities, and he can be the star player for the Royals to be their next competing Build Team.

Should the Orioles take Witt and Zick, if everyone expects them to pip, the Royals would gladly take Adley Rutschman with this election – if the O's really get off the board and An drew Vaughn with the No. 1, Kansas City would have to think long and hard about Rutschman about Witt. I would not be surprised if they took Witt anyway. They like him so much. Witts father, Bobby Sr., played in the big leagues for 16 years and in 1985 was No. 3 in the selection.

First draft: Witt
Second draft: Witt


Selection: SS CJ Abrams, Catholic Trinity (Georgia) [19659004The#3selectionismoreintheairthantherecenthistoryoftheWhiteSoxselectionofcollegebatsnearthetopoThedraftletsyoubelievethatChicagohasbeenatop-11pickforoneinthelastthreeyearsCollegehitterhasmetOnpaperAndrewVaughnisuniqueAdvancedbatsmanfastpacethroughthesystemetcHe'sthetypeofplayertheWhiteSoxhasbeentargetinginrecentyears

Lately, however, there has been some excitement that the ChiSox is following a Toolsy on the heels of the middle player, Abrams being the obvious target at this point in the draft. Chicago had similar prospects in 2012 (Courtney Hawkins) and 2013 (Tim Anderson), and it may be time to come back to it after five years of college experience. The bet here is that Chicago passes Vaughn for Abrams.

"We will put our board in a row and take the tallest man left," said scouting director Nick Hostetler recently to Bruce Levine of 670 The Score. "We've spent so much time – literally from the last day of the draft last year so far … so we'll set up the board 1-2-3 – if # 1 is still there, then that's who we take If it's the third man on our board, then that's who we pick. "

First draft: 1B Andrew Vaughn, California
Second Selection Design: Vaughn [19659010] 4

selected: BY JJ Bleday, Vanderbilt

The White Sox, who passed on Andrew Vaughn, would create some uncertainty here. According to Jordan McPherson of Miami Herald several Marlins executives were in attendance last week, including CEO Derek Jeter and president of baseball operations Michael Hill, to watch Vaughn and Bleday. You should also have seen Adley Rutschman at some point.

"I have not seen every player across the country like our scouts, but it's an interesting and insightful experience," said Jeter McPherson of his scouting trips. "… I'd like to have the opportunity to see how players interact with their team-mates, how hard they play, how they play, how they know the game, of course you can see tools, you can beat guys and run and throw watch a lot of video. "

The Marlins have been hooking up with Bleday for weeks, a left-hander who's above-average fast not to be a five-tool player. Vaughn would be terribly tempting. As good as a batsman is, the historically bad record of right hits / right throwers of the first bases pushes Vaughn into our final sham. Bleday is for Miami.

First draft: Bleday
Second draft: Bleday


Selection: 1B Andrew Vaughn, California [19659004] Like most Teams play the tigers in the days before the draft behave. Finally:

For weeks, the Tigers have been closely associated with outfielder Riley Greene, the best high school hitter in the draft, but Vaughn's slips would make them to change the gear. Even with the draw disadvantage and the defensive limitations, it's too good to get the No. 5 country's best hitter to do without. Detroit makes itself like bandits in our pattern design.

First draft: BY Riley Greene, Hagerty HS (Florida)
Second Selection Scheme: Greene


Selection: BY Riley Greene Hagerty HS (Florida)

In a sense, the Padres can make the easiest decision on Monday night. The main perspectives in this design fall into two distinct levels: Adley Rutschman, Andrew Vaughn, and Bobby Witt Jr .; then C.J. Abrams, J.J. Bleday and Greene. Theoretically, the Padres simply use the number 6 to determine the one of the six players that is still available. In our design, it's Greene.

"We're looking for the best player, if it's a pitcher we'll take a pitcher, if it's a positional player we'll take it," scouting director Mark Padres Connor recently told Jeff Sanders of the San Diego Union-Tribune . "If you try to force that choice and what you want to do based on what you have in your system, you may be able to make the wrong choices or pass on something really good."

How the Padres align their board is a mystery. In the event that two (or more) or the six best prospects are still available when the No. 6 rolls (unlikely, but not impossible), I have I'm not sure who they would take. I know so much: San Diego is all about the head. They consistently have the best and most talented player in the first round under GM A.J. Preller. On the day of draft is not played around. Greene is the best player in our mock draft and that makes him a padre.

(I should note that this is the first time in the design history that a pitcher has not been selected among the top six picks when the six best picks come off the board If you're looking for an arm for the top shelf This is not the correct design for you.)

First Fake Design: SS CJ Abrams, Catholic Holy Trinity HS (Georgia)
Second Design Peck: Abrams


Pick: LHP Nick Lodolo, TCU

Should one of the six top prospects mak Here, the Red would undoubtedly fall. Since this is not the case in our blueprint and Cincinnati has no additional picks this year – they exchanged their range of competitive advantages with the Yankees in the Sonny Gray deal – they are unable to go broke and make a Underslot Deal You spend money on a bonus pool for a later selection.

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Inquirer reports that the Reds had 25 players for a pre-draft training session at Great American Ball Park last week. Scouting director Brad Meador told Nightengale the Reds would be "the Choose the best available player, especially where we choose … (If) you choose so high, you want to get the best you can. "

Given the available players, the Reds can claim the best college bowler on the board. We go with Lodolo, who has been affiliated with Cincinnati for weeks and is the # 1 consensus in the 2019 draft. Alek Manoah from West Virginia, Zack Thompson from Kentucky, George Kirby from Elon and Jackson Rutledge from San Jacinto are other options.

First draft: Lodolo
Second draft: Lodolo


Selection: 3B Brett Baty, Lake Travis HS (Texas) [19659004] The Rangers are always a good choice for noisy tools. That was her M.O. the last, oh, decade or so. Baty offers plenty of benefits with his bat-to-ball skills and raw power, as well as his rocket arm in the hot corner. His approach is solid and he has the chance to be a hit player on both sides of the ball. In addition, Brett Baty is an A + baseball name.

The Elephant in Space: Baty will be 19 1/2 on draft day, and older high school students will not have a great track record in the pro ball. He carries the risk. Due to his age, Baty is less active in draft boards than his tools suggest, making him a great candidate for a Underslot deal where Texas can spend a lot of money on their next two picks (# 41 and # 50).

"We've been talking lately about where we did well and where we did not do so well," said GM Jon Daniels to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News . "Where we took risks that paid off, where we took risks that did not pay off, part of which is a player rating, and risk-taking makes some teams more risk-averse than others, and some teams are more risk-averse." We are more willing to do something than others. We are ready to take some risks.

First draft: By Hunter Bishop, Arizona State
Second Selection Design: Baty


Selection: RHP Jackson Rutledge, San Jacinto JC (Texas)

The Braves hold two picks in the first round this year – this is compensation for the failure to sign Carter Stewart in 2018, who recently signed in Japan – – giving them one nice big bonus pool ($ 11.5 million) and gives some flexibility.You can spend a lot of money now or later or evenly distribute the money.The guess here is that they will do the latter.

"As all clubs will say, Looking for the best available player when it's our turn, "said GM Alex Anthopoulos to Mark Bowman of MLB.com," The landscape is changing so fast at the level of the league that it does not make sense to have a need-based Considering that your top league club has a lot to think about, especially given that most of these players will take several years to account for you. "Major league level. "

Anthopoulos is back in his days at the Blue Jays and has always valued the blanket and the long-term uptrend, with Atlanta concentrating on college players with Righty Alek Manoah, catcher Shea Langeliers and outfielder Hunter Bishop. Rutledge offers a unique and enticing mix of height (6-foot-8), youth (turned 20 in April 20), and power (three potential swing-and-miss pitches), which seems to be right in Anthopoulos' alley

First draft of a selection: C Shea Langelier, Baylor
Second draft of a selection: OF Hunter Bishop, Arizona State


Selection: OF Hunter Bishop, Arizona State

For a team with so many achievements on the field, the Giants have certainly had many of the top 10 picks in recent years, with San Francisco scoring five times in the last 13 drafts Top 10 elected The jury still does not agree with catcher Joey Bart, the number 2 in the final draft, but the Giants have unerringly hit the other four top 10 picks:

The Giants received about 90 WAR (and count) for the Production plus one high quality trading chip out of these four picks. Quality. Of course, these decisions were made by another front-office regime, and that the degree of design success is hard to repeat. Rookie GM Farhan Zaidi has no track record in drawing, which is unfortunate for sham design purposes.

"As an organization, I think our relative strength is on the pitching side and we strive to improve the overall success of our organization," said a surprisingly open Zaidi Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle recently.

Well, that is, I doubt the giants would pass on a pitcher if there's an arm on their board when that pimple rolls around. In this design, the high-end bats are far superior to the high-end weapons, so a position player would have been a good bet even before Zaidi made those comments.

Bishop had a great spring after making some mechanical changes last summer that released his natural power. With good defense and speed, Bishop's # 10 landing would be a good opportunity for a Giants team to start building its next attack core. Shortstop Bryson Stott is another option here.

First draft: RHP Jackson Rutledge, San Jacinto JC (Texas)
Second draft: SS Bryson Stott, UNLV


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